How you can help India during its horrific COVID-19 crisis

Country recorded 400,000 cases in just one day over the weekend; supplies are running out

India Sets World Record for New COVID-19 Cases.On April 22, the world's second-most populous country reported 314,835 new COVID-19 infections.That puts India's total at over 15.9 million COVID-19 cases since the pandemic began, the second-highest in the world next to the U.S.The country is also experiencing a shortage of beds, medicine and oxygen. .On April 21, the New Delhi High Court ordered the government to provide industrial oxygen to hospitals instead.You can't have people die because there is no oxygen. Beg, borrow or steal, it is a national emergency, New Delhi High Court judges, via NBC News.Vaccines will be made available to anyone over the age of 18 in India starting on May 1.But health experts say the country won't have enough doses for the 600 million people who may seek to get vaccinated

India is facing the world’s worst COVID-19 outbreak right now, reporting 400,000 cases in just one day for the first time on Saturday. The government said Monday that medical students in their final year will provide teleconsultations and monitor mild cases, CNN reported.

“This will reduce the workload on existing doctors engaged in Covid duty and provide boost to efforts of triaging,” read a statement issued Monday by Office of the Prime Minister.

But the country needs more than just medical personnel. It needs supplies. Countries around the world have pledged support, but you don’t need to be a nation to help out.

If you’re unsure about giving money to an organization, you can check it out on sites like Guidestar and Charity Navigator, which grades nonprofits on their effectiveness and financial health.


Personal protective equipment, both suits and masks, are critical for front-line workers. You can donate to these organizations who are providing supplies:

According to CNN, Care India has an urgent call out for donations of PPE, and UNICEF USA is providing oxygen concentrators, testing systems, PPE kits and personal care products. Click here to donate.

Project HOPE is providing ventilators and ICU equipment, in addition to PPE, to areas of greatest need.

Americares is helping get gloves, face shields and masks for front-line workers. The organization is also supplying ventilators and pulse oximeters in addition to helping with community education, CNN reported.


Sewa International, a Hindu-based nonprofit that has a chapter in Atlanta, is raising money to buy supplies, and “ensure that the much-needed lifesaving medical equipment like oxygen concentrators and ventilators are acquired and shipped to hospitals across Bharat,” its website states.

The American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin is accepting monetary donations to provide oxygen concentrators.

Direct Relief says it will donate an initial $5 million to supply India with oxygen concentrators and medical resources.

Oxygen for India distributes medical oxygen to vulnerable people. The organization is not a registered 501C3, CNN reported, but donations can be made through the global non-profit Center for Disease Dynamics, Economics and Policy.

International Medical Corps is working with in-country partners to provide medical supplies, PPE, sanitation and hygiene supplies, and isolation facilities. They will also address vaccine misinformation and concerns surrounding vaccine hesitancy . Donations can be made here.

Mission Oxygen is collecting funds to provide oxygen containers and cylinders to hospitals all over India.

Food and medicine

Islamic Relief USA has raised $280,000 so far to provide thousands of medical kits, food boxes and oxygen containers. You can donate here.

The Association for India’s Development is providing direct relief services. “Your support at this time of crisis can make a life or death difference,” its website states.

The Hope Foundation lets you choose where your donation goes. For example, your $12 can buy a 30 surgical face masks and 30 pairs of disposable gloves. Just $38 will provide “all the nutritional requirements of a patient in the COVID ward for the duration of their treatment. Any remaining funds will be pooled for other patients,” the website states.

OxFam is supporting relief work across five Indian states with food and cash to meet direct needs, in addition to PPE and medical equipment.

Donating just $150 to Save the Children will pay for two months of food for a family in lockdown.

Global Giving Relief Fund sends aid to families in lockdown, it also provides mental and emotional resources for front-line workers.

United Way Worldwide is sending food, shelter and hygiene kits to those in lockdown.

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