SUCCESS STORY / Margery Kellar, 71, of Atlanta lost 70 pounds

When she started: “My journey began in December of 2021,” Margery Kellar said.

Age: 71

Height: 5 feet 8 inches

Total pounds lost: 70 pounds

Personal life: “I am retired after 35-plus years in social work. I am currently pursuing my passion as a stained-glass artist (Instagram: #atlglassart). I serve on the board of the Atlanta Glass Art Guild and Rebecca’s Tent Women’s Shelter, and volunteer with other nonprofit organizations,” said Kellar, who lives in Atlanta.

The lifestyle change: “I had been struggling with obesity, stomach and colon issues for several years. During the pandemic, I thought I was eating a healthy diet but still had issues,” Kellar said. “I read a couple of Success Stories in the AJC referencing LockedIN Wellness (, and it made sense to me. I scheduled an appointment with metabolic specialist Nancy Masoud to discuss my situation, and I liked her direct approach. Following a hair analysis, we discovered that I had food sensitivities to cow dairy, wheat, gluten, raspberries, kale, chicken, scallops, soy and tofu. She devised a plan of action, and I began a new system of eating and drinking. Within a week of eliminating dairy, gluten and soy, my stomach and colon issues disappeared.”

Change in eating habits: “Sixty ounces of alkaline water and 40 ounces of regular water per day. I didn’t want to contribute any more plastic into the environment, so I purchased an EHM alkaline water pitcher to create the water,” Kellar said. “I was used to drinking lots of water, but I was still dehydrated. The alkaline water fixed that.” She replaced olive oil and butter with coconut oil. Breakfast is an omelet with spinach and mushrooms, lunch and dinner are protein and vegetables, and she has apples or oranges for a snack.

Margery’s steps to change:

1) Followed a plan: She printed the plan that was devised for her, “reading and rereading until the list of foods and the process were known to me.”

2) Weighed daily: “Weighed myself every morning.”

3) Clean out: “Cleaned out my refrigerator and cupboards.”

4) Sugar-free: “Resigned myself to eliminating sugar from my diet.”

Exercise routine: “I have been using a mini-trampoline, or rebounder, for years to get my metabolism started in the morning. Once the weight started coming off, I joined LA Fitness ( and the Silver Sneakers program (,” Kellar said. “I have a personal trainer once a week, and then I visit the gym once or twice more in the week to tone and build strength.”

Biggest challenge: “My biggest challenge,” Kellar said, “was in finding restaurants that serve cooked veggies, besides white and sweet potatoes.”

The struggle: “The weight loss was mostly steady, but there were events, such as festivals, reunions, vacations and conventions, where I had very little control over the food choices,” Kellar said. “I kept to the plan as much as possible and got back to my routine when I returned home.”

Margery’s top tips:

1) Expert advice: “It was important for me to have the advice of an expert. Everything was clearly spelled out for me to follow.”

2) Accountability: “It was also important for me to be accountable to myself and my coach.”

3) Support: “Share your journey with friends and family so that they can be supportive.”

How her life has changed: “I no longer have the stomach and colon issues that prevented me from enjoying activities,” Kellar said. “I am more comfortable in my clothes. I like that my upper body strength is improving.”

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