Michael B. Jordan to narrate Disney+ nature documentary series

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The series will showcase different landscapes and creatures throughout North America

Emmy-nominated actor and newly-single heartthrob Michael B. Jordan is narrating an upcoming nature documentary series. “America the Beautiful,” is set to premiere July 4 on Disney+.

The series will feature the different flora and fauna of North America, and “journey through America’s visually spectacular regions, from the steamy south to the California coast.”

The creators of “America the Beautiful,” who also made nature documentary favorites like “Planet Earth” and “Frozen Planet,” went to great lengths to show off the North American landscape, even attaching cinema-grade cameras to fighter jets, becoming the first natural history series to do so.

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The series’ six episodes will show off landscapes like the peaks of Denali and the swamps of Florida. Animals, including everything from bald eagles to grizzly bears to honeypot ants, will also make an appearance.

Premiering on Independence Day, the series hopes to encourage viewers young and old to protect the environment and conserve North America’s natural wonders.

Jordan has leant his recognizable voice to projects like Disney+’s “What If,” and even played a character in the 2016 basketball video game NBA2K17.

All episodes of the series will be available to stream on Disney+ July 4.

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