Comedy community sends support to Sinbad as he learns to walk again

The comedian is still in recovery after a stroke

Fast Facts About Sinbad.His real name is David Adkins .He worked under the professional name Sinbad, which he chose out of admiration for Sinbad the Sailor.He served in the US military. He was a boom operator in the United States Air Force but in 1981.In 1997, Sinbad released Sinbad's Guide to Life: Because I Know Everything, a book of comedic short essays.

Two years ago, the comedy community was shocked when one of its icons, Sinbad, suffered a debilitating stoke. Sinbad’s ischemic stroke left the “First Kid” actor on a ventilator. For a while he was even in an induced coma.

In a video released this week though, fans learned that the comedian is recovering at last.

“His progress is nothing short of remarkable,” according to doctors.

Fellow comedians took to Instagram instantly to share positive energy and prayers with the comedy legend.

“Been traveling all day and this one right here got me♥️ This man is not only a naturally talented, FUNNY brotha, he’s a good one too,” said D. L. Hughley on Instagram " One of ours needs us, let’s do our best to be there.”

“This man has given so much to our spirits and our smiles @sinbadbad help a legend when you can… they need help too,” said Marlon Wayans.

In May 2021, Sinbad he was admitted to the California Rehabilitation Institute. Nine months after the initial stroke, he was finally able to go home. Experts say the survival rate for this type of stroke is approximately 30%.

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