Atlanta’s Van Gogh immersive experience will take place at Pullman Yard

Credit: Exhibition Hub

Credit: Exhibition Hub

Producers of the multi-media entertainment event called “Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience” announced Wednesday that Atlanta’s version will be staged at the Pullman Yard.

The historic 27-acre property, in Kirkwood, was once used to produce agricultural machinery, then as a location to repair Pullman sleeper cars.

It is currently owned by Atomic Entertainment, a movie production company which has plans to create a mixed-use development and a movie sound stage among the multiple historic industrial buildings on the site.

Visitors to the immersive experience will be surrounded by two-story animated projections of Van Gogh’s well known paintings, accompanied by music.

The demand for tickets was strong even before fans knew where the event would be staged, and 65,000 tickets were already sold as of Wednesday, according to a press release from Atlanta-based Immersive Hub.

The sound-and-light show will take place daily from May 19 through the end of 2021. Organizers stress that the show, taking place inside the spacious Building 1, will be socially distanced, family-friendly and COVID-19 safe. Visitors will be required to wear masks at all times.

The event is produced by the European entertainment company, Exhibition Hub, together with Immersive Hub. It is one of at least two multi-media shows focusing on the art of Vincent Van Gogh being staged in the U.S. this year

The distinctive Building 1 in the Pullman Yard (recently renamed the Pratt Pullman District) has been the backdrop for multiple films including “Baby Driver” and movies from “The Hunger Games” and the “Fast & Furious” franchises.

Tickets for the event will range from $19.10 for children and $32.20 for adults. They can be purchased at