3 things you can do to improve knee pain

Knee pain does not have to be a part of aging. In fact, the more you pay attention to your knee health, the better it’ll be in the long run.

Did you know that your knee absorbs shock that is 1.5 times your body weight with every step you take? According to WebMD, this constant shock to your knees can wear them down. Additionally, if you are prone to osteoarthritis, overweight, or have a previous history of knee injuries, this may exacerbate knee pain, according to Harvard Health.

This does not mean that wearing down your knee should be expected or considered a normal part of aging.

Here are some things you can do to prevent knee pain in the future.

Eat anti-inflammatory foods

According to Florida Pain Medicine, sugar, red meat, processed foods, alcohol, and saturated fats can cause inflammation in your joints and increase the stress and pain you may feel in your joints. Healthline recommends these foods that fight inflammation especially well: berries, fatty fish, broccoli, avocados, green tea, peppers, mushrooms, grapes, turmeric, dark chocolate, tomatoes and cherries.


Building and strengthening the muscles around the knee can prevent knee pain and release pressure. In fact, exercising a knee that’s injured or arthritic is better than staying sedentary, according to Healthline. Exercises such as leg raises, squats, planks, and leg curls can help strengthen the muscles around your knee, according to AARP.

Wear the right shoes

Maybe you have a balanced diet and exercise on a daily basis, but you still feel pain in your knees. Well, it may just be your shoes that are causing extra stress on your joints. When shoe shopping, WebMD recommends looking for the most comfortable shoes that are flexible with a thinner sole. And make sure to replace your walking shoes every nine months as a rule of thumb.