6 exercises to help improve your balance

Whether you’re an athlete or you’re past retirement age, improving your balance has many benefits.

When practicing balance, we’re not just trying to stand on one leg; we’re also working on our overall muscular health. Balance requires stability and focus and it’s a critical skill we should practice as we age.

Practicing balancing techniques has many benefits, including reversing age-related loss of balance, preventing falls, improving posture. Good balance also results in qwuicker recovery times from injuries.

There are various tools to help improve balance like the BOSU ball, balance boards and yoga/Pilates balls. While some of the balance equipment can be overwhelming, there are plenty of ways to perfect your balance without using a device at all.

Starting from the ground up, here are some easy, at-home exercises you can do to start your journey to better balance:

The dead bug

This exercise is done on the floor, making the dead bug a great way to start working on your coordination.

Bird dog exercise

The bird dog is the next step from the dead bug. This time, you’ll be on your knees instead of your back, but you’re still low to the ground, minimizing the risk of falls.

Half kneeling balance position

When kneeling to help improve balance, you’re focusing on the pelvis and rib cage making sure that the two are aligned. This exercise really helps you focus on recruiting the abs and keeping your core engaged. A strong core is essential for perfecting your balance.

One leg balance test

After learning how to recruit your core, the next step is to try the one leg balance test. Slowly lifting one leg and holding it for a few seconds and then releasing your foot back to the ground, then repeating with the other leg. At first, you may want to use a wall or chair for assistance.

Eyes closed with assistance

This is a more advanced version of the one leg balance test. When closing your eyes you’re taking away the safety net of knowing what’s around you. Eyes closed means you’ll have to focus on your breath and your core.

Swiss ball sitting

If you have a balance ball, sitting on it and moving your arms in opposite directions is a perfect way to not only work on balance, but stabilize core and posture.

There are many household items that you can use to help improve your balance. Bob and Brad are YouTube’s favorite physical therapists, and their techniques, tricks and tips help heal athletes, seniors and everyone in between.

Helping improve your balance can help lower the risk of lower back pain, knee issues and more. Improving balance and bettering your health while getting stronger in the process, can easily be achieved when practiced for just a few minutes each day.