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Buford Highway Dining Guide

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The goat curry at Nam Phuong. The Cheese ’N Cheese at Food Terminal. Sinaloa-style grilled chicken at El Autentico Sinaloense Pollos Asados. Sambal okra at Mamak. Ceviche from one of the colorful food courts at Plaza Fiesta.Viet-Cajun crustaceans from Crawfish Shack Seafood. The spicy-hot, wowza Yo-yo Duck Pot at Sichuan spot Masterpiece in Duluth. The list of must-try ethnic dishes on Buford Highway is as long as the 30-plus miles of this roadway that stretches from Buckhead to Buford, the theoretical end of the road, where it changes names and becomes Atlanta Highway. With more than 125 restaurants concentrated within the 8-mile corridor that traverses Brookhaven, Chamblee and Doraville (find the most up-to-date list at, you can eat on Buford Highway every day for a year without traveling far or ordering the same thing twice. Our Fall Dining Guide celebrates this rich road, which brings a taste of home to emigres from around the globe as much as it provides exotic bites for first-time diners. Folk might argue about the identity of the Atlanta dining scene as a whole, but there’s general agreement: Buford Highway is fundamental to an Atlanta foodway.
11 places to try on Buford Highway