Steven Tyler surprises fan, makes dream come true

Steven Tyler showed just how good of a guy a rock star can be.

The story started when Anthony Yorfido couldn't get tickets for a concert Tyler was putting on in Niagara Falls.

Yorfido, who has Down syndrome, just happened to be stopping at a medical supply store when a limo pulled up outside.

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Who got out of the car? None other than Tyler himself.

It was a chance encounter. Yorfido was with his mother picking up supplies, and Tyler was there to pick up a back brace, Yorfido's mother Diane told CTV News.

Yorfido was excited, but managed to compose himself.

"I just (stood) there for a second and I said, 'Steven Tyler?' He turned around, came to see me and gave me a big hug," Yorfido told CTV News.

After the hug ended, he told Tyler that he wanted to see him in concert, but that he couldn't get a ticket.

Tyler told his biggest fan that he'd make it happen.

And he did.

Yorfido got to see the sold-out show and had backstage passes. But the biggest thrill for Yorfido was being called up on stage to play maracas during "Sweet Emotion."