Marla Sokoloff: A Five-Time TV Bride To Get Married in Real Life

Talk about type casting. In her past five acting roles, Marla Sokoloff has played a bride. You might remember her as the bride in "Drop Dead Diva" who wanted to sue because she caught her fiancé in flagrante delicto with her best friend? Coming up on Nov. 14, she plays a woman who finally makes it to the altar after dating a lot of Mr. Wrongs, when Hallmark Channel premieres "Flower Girl."

But now, Sokoloff is getting married in real life, and she says that the fact she has tried on so many wedding gowns as a part of her job affected her enjoyment when it came time to select her own bridal ensemble.

"I felt like when I was looking for my real-life dress that it was anti-climactic because I had done it so many times," Sokoloff tells ET. "I just didn't feel that excitement you are supposed to feel when you find the dress. But then, when my actual dress was delivered to my house [a gown by Amsale] last week, I was so excited, I ripped it open like it was 'Sex and the City,' and I finally had my moment."