Charlie Sheen denies tabloid allegations of underage sex with Corey Haim

Charlie Sheen is denying allegations from a National Enquirer story that claim the actor sexually assaulted late actor Corey  Haim when he was 16 and Sheen was 19.

Actor Dominick Brascia, who said he was a friend of Haim, made the claim in an interview with the Enquirer, which was published Wednesday.

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"Haim told me he had sex with Sheen when they filmed 'Lucas,'" former actor Brascia told the tabloid. "He told me they smoked pot and had sex ... Haim said after it happened, Sheen became very cold and rejected him. When Corey wanted to fool around again, Charlie was not interested."

Corey Feldman, who was close friends with Haim and co-starred with the late actor in multiple ‘80s films, appears to have written about the claim in his 2013 book, “Coreyography: A Memoir.”

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“At some point during the filming (of ‘Lucas,’ Haim) explained an adult male convinced him it was perfectly normal for older men and younger boys in the business to have sexual relations, that it was ‘what all guys do,’” Feldman wrote.

"Charlie Sheen categorically denies these allegations," a representative for Sheen told The Hollywood Reporter on Wednesday afternoon.

Feldman has been ramping up his campaign to expose what he says is a Hollywood pedophilia ring, raising funds for a documentary in which he says he will name alleged abusers.

Feldman has gone to the Los Angeles Police Department with names, which has led the department to open an investigation, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Haim's mother, Judy Haim, criticized Feldman's fundraising efforts, calling the actor a scam artist.

"He's been talking about revealing the names of his and other abusers for seven years, since my son died," she told THR. "Now he wants $10 million to do it? Come on. It's a long con. He's a scam artist. If he was serious about this, he'd share the information he has with the police."

Feldman responded to the accusations in a series of tweets, saying Haim was a "bad woman who vehemently protects evil."

"She has been cre8ing (sic) distractions & diversions since her sons death, 2 (sic) shun away the feelings of true guilt she must bare. #blasphemy," he wrote in a tweet.

"God sees all! There is no hiding when Judgement (sic) Day arrives," he continued. "The truth's being revealed! The flood gates have opened, & nothing can stop it."