Georgia colleges to discontinue 215 low-enrollment degree programs

Georgia’s public universities will offer fewer degrees in majors such as French, classical culture and certain specialized teaching fields after the Board of Regents terminated 215 programs at 18 schools.

The colleges will stop conferring degrees in those programs following the regents’ Thursday vote. Each of the programs had already been deactivated for more than two years because of lagging enrollment, and officials said any impacted students have received advice on how to pursue other degrees.

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Stuart Rayfield, vice chancellor for leadership and institutional development, told the regents that discontinuing the programs is a “cleanup effort.” Some of the degrees have gone through significant curriculum changes, have been renamed or a new program has been proposed to revamp the degree.

“Some of these have been consolidated and streamlined into a smaller number of programs, and some of them are just at the point of retirement,” Rayfield said. “But in all cases, the enrollment in these programs necessitated the deactivation, and without some sort of significant reboot in the program, there was not a … significant interest in rebounding these programs.”

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The list of terminated programs includes 43 at the University of Georgia, 32 at Georgia Southern University, 28 at Georgia State University and 26 at Augusta University.

The discontinued programs include a mix of associate, bachelor, master, specialist and doctorate degrees.

Editor’s note: A list of terminated programs created by the University System of Georgia incorrectly identified one Georgia College & State University program. The college said the terminated program is the bachelor of science in community health, not the bachelor of science in public health.