Fulton County Schools to install license-plate cameras at all campuses

Vehicles entering a Fulton County Schools’ campus will soon do so under a watchful eye.

In a push to add another layer of safety, the state’s fourth-largest district will install cameras that take images of license plates as vehicles enter Fulton’s school properties. The school board on Thursday approved a $626,300 contract with Atlanta-based Flock Safety for the devices.

Superintendent Mike Looney told board members that “just about every municipality in Fulton County” uses such cameras to provide additional security. He previously said the cameras would be installed at schools by January.

ExploreLicense plate cameras could be coming to schools in Fulton County

The devices allow law enforcement agencies to compare license plates with criminal databases to see if the vehicles are linked to people suspected of a crime or if, for example, the vehicle was at the scene of a crime.

District officials said the cameras would not be used to monitor minor traffic or parking violations.

The board also approved $795,000 to pay for more than 2,400 exterior door alarms that will alert officials when a school door is propped open or hasn’t fully closed. Looney told board members that the district already installed the alarms at all of the district’s high schools, and installation at elementary and middle schools will begin today .