Nurse Sees Endless Career Possibilities at WellStar

She Describes Company’s Respect for Nurses as Stellar

WellStar nurse Erica Kilpatrick has been with the company for two years and she is a big fan of her employer. We chatted recently with Erica about what makes WellStar such a great place to be a nurse.

AJC: What is one of your favorite things about working for WellStar?

Kilpatrick: My favorite thing about working for WellStar is the community wide recognition that being a WellStar Nurse receives. Our patients know what it means to be a WellStar nurse and that our company takes great care of us so we can take great care of our community and patients.

AJC: What department do you work in?

Kilpatrick: I am on the WellStar Enterprise Support Team (WEST). I actually go to all four WellStar hospitals that have an Emergency Department: Kennestone, Cobb, Paulding and Douglas. My team specializes in filling the staffing needs in our specialty areas. We are deployed at 5 am to the area of greatest need; our deployment time is after call outs come in the morning.

AJC: What do you consider to be some of the perks of working for WellStar?

Kilpatrick: The biggest perk of my job is diversity because of being an Emergency Department Nurse. I see all ages and stages of life from the first breath of life to the last breath of life. We get to be strong and be there for people on their lowest day and in their time of greatest need.

AJC: What would you tell a young nurse about WellStar and why it’s a great place to work?

Kilpatrick: I would tell them I’ve actually worked for other hospital systems and I’ve never been treated with more respect at any other place of work than I have at WellStar. At WellStar, the possibilities for your nursing career are endless!

AJC: Do you have a special WellStar story to share?

Kilpatrick: My mom has been in the hospital since October and my management team has been so supportive and understanding. They’ve let me work my schedule around my family needs. I even got my mom transferred to a WellStar facility. I’ve always believed in what I call “momma care”, meaning if it isn’t good enough for my momma, it just isn’t good enough care. I never knew how much that mantra of nursing care I had created for myself would mean to me over the last few months as I’ve entrusted my mom’s care to WellStar.