Winds of change for

One of the nation's most popular Web sites is changing its look for the first time in a decade.

Atlanta's The Weather Channel introduces its new at midnight.

The new site is graphically bolder and includes new features -- it can pinpoint weather at Turner Field, for instance -- along with old features in new places

The redesign is meant to better emphasize the site's bread and butter -- weather.

The homepage navigation bar is new. Non-weather tabs – family, pets – have been replaced by more weather-specific ones.

Customization is easier, Weather Channel officials say.  So is submitting pictures. And if users don’t want to know the dew point, they don’t have to. They can choose basic weather, or a more detailed version.

The Weather Channel is betting even change-resistant customers will grow to like it.

“Any time you make a change to a site that’s so near and dear to users, you’ll have some people who will be disappointed at first,” spokesman David Blumenthal said.

Blumenthal said the redesign fits better with new platforms like iPads and mobile devices. In a release, the company also said that customers were "having trouble finding certain content on our site." ranked 18th nationally last year in the number of unique visitors to its site, according to ComScore Media Matrix.