Want to learn about the stock market? Rap Snacks has a new app for that

The free stock market simulating app is called Stock Boss Up

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If you’re interested in but hesitant about getting into the stock market, a new app from an unexpected company can help you get your feet wet.

James Lindsay’s chip brand Rap Snacks, which was later relaunched in partnership with rapper Percy “Master P” Miller, has teamed with BossUp to create a mobile app to help people learn about the stock market. Specifically, Rap Snacks Foundation is a creator of the new app, which Rap Snacks announced on Instagram Wednesday.

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Stock Boss Up gives users the chance to see what it’s like to invest in the stock market without using their own money. It’s a free digital stock market simulation where users can track the market in the present as they invest as much as $1 million in simulated funds into publicly traded companies.

"Our community is dedicated to helping investors perform well in the stock market by using the wisdom of the crowd. Our community strives to have fun while teaching members how to improve portfolio performance," the Stock Boss Up app website states.

After downloading the app from the Apple Store or Google Play, users can join a group focused on a specific investing topic, create a stock post and manage their portfolio.

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Feeds display the best analysis from the app's top-performing investors and users can earn badges such as the early adopter badge and active user badge when they complete an achievement.

Rap Snacks was launched in 1994 when Lindsay hoped to mix his love of hip hop and food. Last year, Master P helped relaunch the brand with Lindsay.

"It's all about the blood, sweat, and tears and saying that we are entrepreneurs," Master P told ABC Audio. "So that's my involvement in getting into this, because I say, 'You know what? This [is an] entrepreneur, I'm an entrepreneur. Imagine what we could do together.'"

This isn't the first new venture for the brand. In December, Master P announced the launch of the spin-off Rap Noodles.