Amid struggles, more changes ahead for Bed Bath & Beyond

National chain stores that closed locations in Georgia in 2019

While the retail chain’s Georgia locations were spared in the most recent round of shuttered stores, changes ahead

Bed Bath & Beyond announced this week that it will shutter 40 locations nationwide, amid struggling times.

For now, Georgia's 24 locations of the home goods retailer have been spared in this round of shuttered stores, according to a list published by USA Today.

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Some of the locations on the list have already started to close and others will go dark in the first half of this year, the newspaper reports.

Last year, Bed Bath & Beyond said it would give some locations, including some in metro Atlanta, a refresh in an attempt to boost sales. Underperforming locations are expected to close or relocate in upcoming months.

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However, while the Atlanta-area locations remain for now, there are still changes on the horizon.

The chain’s popular 20% off coupons may soon be a thing of the past.

The New Jersey-based company has a new CEO, Mark Tritton who told USA Today that there may be changes coming on the coupon front.

“We know that the coupon is part of our heritage and our DNA, and we want to maintain that in our mix as part of our tools that we can reach out to customers with,” the newspaper reports.

Explore» RELATED: National chain stores that shuttered in Georgia in 2019

The coupon remains for now, but going forward, the CEO says, "opening price points, price right daily, as well as meaningful promotions and coupon usage is going to be our structure."