'The Walking Dead' spinoff is reportedly far, far away from Georgia


Credit: Rodney Ho

Credit: Rodney Ho

Beach blanket bikini zombies? Dude, where's my zombie? Spray-tanned, fake-boobed walkers?

TVLine exclusively reports that the creators of "The Walking Dead" have decided to set the spinoff in... Los Angeles.

That is a smart move since having zombies gnaw on bodies on the beaches of Malibu will feel mighty different than the walkers in the forests of Senoia.

This also means odds are pretty good the "Walking Dead" spinoff won't be shot in metro Atlanta but Los Angeles itself or a city that can more convincingly pretend to be Los Angeles like Vancouver.

AMC itself hasn't confirmed the new setting but rumors are the spinoff will focus closer to the time the apocalypse began. Robert Kirkman, creator of the original, is involved with this version as well.