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'The Real Housewives of Atlanta' recap ('Housewife House Wars'): season 9, episode 2

This is posted on Sunday, November 13, 2016 by Rodney Ho on AJC Radio & TV Talk blog

Kenya Moore has a finely tuned ability to manufacture drama for the purposes of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta."

Extending from last week's season debut, she created a house-warming party and invited everyone on the cast but Porsha Williams.

Shocker! Porsha shows up, courtesy of an invite from mischievous Phaedra Parks, also well aware that this might cause a scene.

Sheree Whitfield is practically slobbering: "This housewarming is about to turn into a boxing match and I have a ringside seat!"

But Porsha has learned some lessons about self restraint. After getting into two physical fights last season (and memories of her attack on Kenya a couple years back), Porsha is seen as a menace to Kenya. So she asks Porsha to leave. And instead of getting all defensive, she has learned from her anger management therapy to turn the other cheek.

She cheerfully tells Kenya that her request is fine. She turned around and left quietly with Phaedra. "I am going to gracefully bow out," she said.

Crisis averted.

But then (the timing!) Matt Jordan shows up, also uninvited. Kenya hadn't talked to her boyfriend for a month after he got aggressive on vacation and scared her. He apologized and sounded sincere. She accepted it. They reunited and Kenya was happy again.


Take me home: When Sheree Whitfield started building Chateau Sheree in 2012, nobody knew who Lena Dunham was, Tinder didn't exist and "Orange is the New Black" was a weird fashion statement, not a groundbreaking Netflix show.

Amazingly, it's still not finished.

Sheree has never given a very clear explanation why beyond complaining about contractors. But obviously, money has been an issue.

And Kenya decides to throw some shade by noting Sheree doesn't even own the home to evade the authorities. She said it's under Sheree's mother's name Thelma.

Sheree starts bitching and moaning about Kenya's house after her party, pointing out the flaws. This gets back to Kenya, who is upset. They later meet up and begin arguing over their respective homes. The words b**** and ho are thrown around. There is an argument over baseboards and trim. It's classy as always.


Hold on: Kandi Burruss is always seeking new businesses. She and Todd is considering baby products based on their son Ace. (He has an Instagram following of 307K already, she reasoned. Why not take advantage?)

And they are still working on their restaurant, based on Kandi's aunts and mom called Old Lady Gang. She wanted the Old Lady Gang to be open by May but there were delays. The restaurant was still not ready in July when this episode was taped. It's now November 13. It's still not open. I'll have to check to see what's going on and why there are delays. (It's at 177 Peters St. in Castleberry Hill.)


Breaking Up Is Hard to Do: Cynthia Bailey meets up with her husband Peter Thomas in person after months. He is reluctant to go forward with the divorce papers. She said they just need to move forward. After tears, he reluctantly agrees and even calls the attorney in front of her to get the paperwork.

Her daughter Noelle says she is much happier without him. She also wondered if her mom had "low self esteem" to stay with Peter and argue with him so much. It was very poignant.


The Escape Club: Porsha Williams tries to have everyone play nice by setting up an Escape Room party. Kandi and Phaedra show up first and awkwardly play with their phones until someone else arrives.

She splits the teams up so Porsha and Kenya are part of the same team with Cynthia. The supposed smarter crew of Kandi, Phaedra and Sheree felt they could beat the other. But neither side could figure their rooms out before their respective time was up. In the end, no drama, no arguments. Porsha was happy.

Shady comments of the week

Phaedra on Kenya's home: "This is a great place to have a horror movie."

Kenya, on Sheree leaving the party early: "I don't know if it was curfew time at the shelter she was staying at."

Mama Joyce on Phaedra: "I feel  she should be sharing a cell with Apollo." [She also wonders why Phaedra has not already divorced him.]

Kenya on Phaedra being "single": "Child please. Trust and believe. She's getting her groove on with someone somewhere with somebody."

Kenya on Porsha's anger management classes: "Nobody gets cured overnight."


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