'The Bachelorette' recap: Andi Dorfman meets the men, season 10, episode 1

Credit: Rodney Ho

Credit: Rodney Ho

Credit: Rodney Ho

Credit: Rodney Ho

Atlanta's Andi Dorfman gets a plethora of man candy the first episode of "The Bachelorette," which returns after the "Dancing With the Stars" finale tonight.

She is humble and sweet and says all the right things. Chris Harrison, the host, also said in an ew.com interview she's more analytical and business like about her search than other bachelors or bachelorettes.

"She was able to keep her lawyer hat on and be professional and deal with it meticulously, but at the same time, kind of give herself up to the process, which I was really impressed with. It's not an easy combination."

The "fairy tale" begins for a 10th time - or 27th time if you count all "The Bachelor" seasons as well. At least that's how this show frames it with the cheesy music and the roses and the limos and the mansion, et. al.

After a quick dedication to Eric Hill, who died after he left the show in a paragliding accident, Dorfman, 27, is shown doing her job busting gangs for the Fulton County District Attorney's office. "I put the bad guys away," she declares. "I love fighting crime... It's empowering."

Juan Pablo Galavis, the man he rejected the last season, is not even named as she excitedly talks about having a second chance at finding her true love, taking a three-month break from her job.

She hugs all the men when they get out of the limo because she's "a hugger."

Weekly sign that Josh Murray is the one: With Josh as the local guy and UGA man (older bro of Aaron Murray), we will be watching his interactions with Andi extra carefully this season. He will be my primary focus. A good sign is she talked to him first. "Josh M is my type," she effused. "Nailed it. Pegged it. Damn!" He said she is the "whole package" and already said his mom liked her. She picked him seventh out of 25.

Sign perhaps he's not: "Is he being entirely sincere?" she said.

Worst opening line: Carl, the doctor, offers his "diagnosis": "You have a fever because you look pretty hot.' (He somehow survived, picked 13th)

Second worst opening line: "My name is Emil, rhymes with Anal." (He was quickly eliminated.)

Most elaborate intro: The wordly Tasos references Lover's Bridge in Paris and recreates a scene where they take the key from a lock and she throws it into the water after making a wish. "That was adorable," she said. He gets some alone time with her later where he speaks French. "There's something so intriguing about him," she said. (He was given the sixth rose.)

Dopiest gimmick: Cody pushes the limo up the hill, claiming a "breakdown." Was he just showing off how strong he was? Andi didn't seem impressed. (He barely made the cut, given the 18th rose.)

Most pointless prop:  Brett's lamp. "My mother said never greet a lady empty handed. So here's a lamp." Huh? Swiped from the hotel? Does this make any sense, Brett? (Surprisingly, he made the first cut but I can't imagine he'll be around long.)

Tastiest prop: Marquel in the mansion feeds her cookies, including a black-and-white one, ahem. "He had some swag to him. He made me feel comfortable." (He was given the fourth rose.)

Sweetest prop: Eric, who wants to visit every country in the world (and sadly, dies after he leaves the show, making his comments about being "adventurous" especially poignant in retrospect), gifts her two dolls he got from a girl in the Andes who told him to give to his girlfriend. "So sweet," she said. (Andi gave him the third rose)

Closest to a reference to JuanPablo: Patrick, another soccer player, has her kick a ball, then kicks it away to get rid of the memory of JuanPablo. (He landed the 17th rose.)

Early positive impression: Nick V, a Chicago software salesman, talked about his large family (10 siblings) and she was into him. In fact, he gets the first impression rose! "You left a lasting impression on me," she said. "Such a sincerity."

Mr. Flop Sweat: Chris, a farmer from Iowa, was a ball of nerves and sweated up a storm while talking to Andi. She likes a good communicator. He's not one. (He received the 14th rose)

Hot, hot, hot: Texas man with "European values" Marcus is quite attractive, Andi said, using the word "hot" three times, Buster Poindexter style. "Intrigued," she said of him. (He got the 10th rose)

Dumbest sideshow: A contestant from a past season decided to just show up and wants to be the 26th guy. This seems like trumped up drama and lands like a thud when Andi refuses to meet him.