Someone crucial died on 'The Walking Dead' season 6 episode 14

By RODNEY HO/, originally filed Sunday, March 20, 2016

Amazingly so far this season, not a single of person from Rick's crew who entered Alexandria last season has died. Not a one!

After 14 episodes, that record remains clean. But yet another Alexandrian was buried tonight: Denise, the only doctor in the house. She kept Alexandria healthy so her absence is a big deal.

But she did help them find a cache of pharmaceutical goods that humans had inexplicably overlooked in the apocalypse. Unlikely at this stage? Yes. But it does "redeem" Denise's death to a degree.

This was an unusually artsy episode and passably effective. And Carol decides to leave Alexandria, too. While Rick left her behind season four, this time she does so voluntarily in the dark of the night. She just can't take it anymore after the brutal armory kills from last week.

This episode focused heavily on Merritt Wever, who played Denise this season. She started really scared but Tara encouraged her to learn to become a doctor after drunken Pete died. She ultimately saved Carl, tamed that Wolf and fell in love with Tara. (Poor Tara will be heartbroken when she returns from her scouting expedition.)

She convinced Rosita (now on the rebound with Spencer) and Daryl to join her at a nearby store she recalled was a pharmacy. This was her first trip outside the walls. After they found the drugs, she spied a walker in a car with a cooler. She wanted the cooler. So she almost died getting what was ultimately a can of soda but took pride in taking the risk.

As she justified what she did to Daryl and Rosita in a ridiculously loud way, an arrow suddenly entered her brain. She died mid sentence. Dwight of the Savior crew used Daryl's cross-bow to kill Denise although he was clearly targeting Daryl. This death was similar to that of prisoner Axel from season four.

Credit: Rodney Ho

Credit: Rodney Ho

Dwight had stolen Daryl's motorcycle and crossbow a few episodes ago. Daryl naturally regretted not killing Dwight. Now, Dwight's ambush crew had already nabbed Eugene.

Eugene, you say? Yes, Eugene and Abraham were on an outside run as well at the same time as Daryl, Rosita and Denise. Eugene had found a place he thought could be used to create bullets, which could be of serious value in the apocalypse. I'm not clear how Eugene could have known where this place was, which actor Josh McDermitt said on "Talking Dead" was shot at a metal shop on Georgia Tech. Eugene also wanted to show his fighting bonafides by calling dibs on a walker.

Eugene had trouble because the dude has metal melted on his head. So Abraham killed the walker instead.

This upset Eugene who said he no longer needed Abraham. Hurt, Abraham walked off, leaving Eugene alone.

"He lives by these rules nobody else knows but him," said McDermitt. "He doesn't want to be protected anymore by Abraham."

But that's when the Saviors found Eugene and used him as leverage when they found Rosita and Daryl on the train tracks. The Saviors were already aware that Rick's crew lived in a great place. They wanted Daryl and Rosita to take them to Alexandria so they can rape and pillage as revenge upon their own armory getting ransacked. (Can you blame them now?)

Eugene spied Abraham and sussed him out - for a reason. He created a distraction so he could bite Dwight in the crotch. Once the gang was distracted, Abraham shot a Savior. Daryl was able to knife another. Then they started shooting at each other, mostly missing. Walkers do get killed. Eugene was grazed. Five Saviors ran away.

Good news: Daryl got his cross-bow back!

They took Eugene back to Alexandria. He was grazed by a bullet and was hurt. Fortunately, the antibiotics Denise found may have saved him.

At the end, Abraham also approached Sasha. He told her they shouldn't waste any time and should just hook up. She accepted him inside her house. Another inter-racial love match in "The Walking Dead"!

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