Sharon Reed answers rumor about LeBron James on Ryan Cameron's show

Sharon Reed spoke with V-103's Ryan Cameron. SOURCE: V-103

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Sharon Reed spoke with V-103's Ryan Cameron. SOURCE: V-103

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CBS46 evening anchor Sharon Reed, speaking to Ryan Cameron on V-103 last week, set aside long-standing rumors that she had a baby with LeBron James.

Reed, who came to CBS46 two years ago and has a daughter, used to work in Cleveland and that's where the rumors first emanated.

"There's no baby with LeBron," she told Cameron. "I wish him the best."

She said if she fights too hard against rumors, it makes her look guilty. "There are going to be people listening who still think Sharon has a baby with LeBron James. It's a sexy thing for them to think. It's a way for them to put me down."

Reed mused that she had never talked about the rumor publicly and added, "People love to dance around that. I respect you asked me the question, 'Do you have a baby with LeBron?' You're the first person who just did that."

They also had this jokey exchange:

Cameron: "You get linked to a lot of people though."

Reed: "There's more? Keep it coming! Okay! Is there anybody else you want to ask me about, Ryan? "

Cameron, who was recently divorced, said: "I've been linked to you!"

Reed: "Is that why I'm here?"

Cameron [laughing]: "We haven't even had lunch! You know, someone came to me and said, 'Yah, I was at the mall. I heard this lady saying, 'Yah, you know, Ryan and Sharon.' "

Reed [joking]: "Is that why I was late this morning. Right? Kept me up late, huh?"

She also told Cameron she is not a shrinking violet, especially at her workplace, but wants to be nurtured by a man.

"Professionally, I want everything you've got and more," Reed said. "I want everything my male counterpart has and then some. I want to be everything. I want to make the most money. I want the most success. I want it all. Very alpha."

Personally? "That's just not the case, "she added. "I'm very domestic. I want a man to lead. I want to be a partner, a life partner, but I want my man to lead. We go out to dinner, I want him to order my food."

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