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'Scandal' season 5 episode 14 preview: Abby knows what Cyrus has been up to

By JEWEL WICKER/, originally filed Thursday, March 16, 2016

Cyrus Beene isn't as good at lying as he thinks he is.

Fitz's chief of staff was able to come up with an elaborate story that convinced Pennsylvania Governor Frankie Vargas to run for president, but other people aren't so easily fooled by his schemes.

Abby hasn't been as busy keeping up with the president's sexual affairs as viewers might think. Apparently, she's had time to keep an eye on Cyrus Beene, too. She's figured out that he is probably running Vargas' campaign.

When she confronts Cyrus with the fact that he's been communicating with Vargas, he insists it's because Vargas is "the governor of a major state."

"What other governor have you spoken with 27 times on your mobile phone in the last two weeks," Abby asks.

After Abby tells him she knows he's visited Harrisburg recently, Cyrus says his niece lives in the city.

"You're lying," Abby retorts.

Cyrus is outraged that Abby would accuse him of lying and working with a democrat who believes college should be free.

He tells Abby that she violated him by tracking his calls and travel schedule, and threatens to "have her job."

Of course, Cyrus is upset by all of this because he is working with a democrat who believes college should be free. The truth is going to come out eventually. Will it affect Cyrus' working relationship with Fitz?

Meanwhile, Abby has made it clear that she wants to be chief of staff. Will she keep digging to ensure that Cyrus vacates the position?

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