Reunion: Frank Ski, Miss Sophia, Wanda Smith back together againon V-103

Originally filed January 28, 2018 by RODNEY HO/ on his AJC Radio & TV Talk blog

It’s like bringing the old team back together again!

V-103 will be reuniting the morning show of Frank Ski (who left in 2012), Miss Sophia (who departed in 2010) and Wanda Smith (who was off in 2013 but came back in 2014).

With Ryan Cameron's shocking departure from the station after a collective 18 years over two stints, V-103 opted for familiarity and a solid track record. V-103 was No. 1 in all key demos for a bulk of Ski's run from 1998 to 2012. Then again, he didn't face nearly as much competition as Cameron does now. (Cameron's final day is Friday, Feb. 2.)

Ski, who is slightly older than 52-year-old Cameron, is more into politics and based on comments and polls on my blog over the years, a more divisive figure among listeners. He has many celebrity and political friends and can converse as easily about health-care policy as he can about Future and Rihanna.

After leaving V-103 in late 2012, Ski worked for a couple of years at a station in D.C., then returned to Atlanta, where he eventually re-joined V-103 as a weekend and fill-in host. His desire to become a syndicated host never came to fruition.

Miss Sophia, whose real name is Joe Taylor, was last on V-103 in 2010, when her contract with V-103 was not renewed. She did not leave voluntarily. In an interview in 2010, she said she saw the signs without being explicit. In 2013, she worked briefly with Rashan Ali at Streetz 94.5 before the station opted for a time to air the syndicated show the Breakfast Club instead.