‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ season 12 episode 5 recap: if you miss it, you miss nothing


Originally posted Sunday, December 1, 2019 by RODNEY HO/rho@ajc.com on his AJC Radio & TV Talk blog

Last week was a three-hankie episode. Tonight’s episode? A three-blanket snoozer.

The first 30 minutes is much ado about nothing.

As usual, NeNe is complaining about Cynthia and doesn’t get invited to Cynthia’s Bailey-Q event, an excuse to get the ladies together. Kandi’s daughter Riley has an internship in New York and gets set up in a fancy apartment. There are no signs of Porsha’s fiance or Kenya’s hubby. The two women with problematic dudes commiserate with each other.

About halfway in, the party begins and for a few minutes, it becomes the Kenya/Eva show driven mostly by Kenya as she tries to generate a “moment” to propel this stuck-in-the-mud episode.

Kenya had earlier become offended when Eva didn’t bring her kids to Kenya’s party in part because she didn’t know what would happen. She did gift Kenya a doll for her baby daughter, which Kenya found insulting or something.

So Kenya, eyeing the potential pointless conflict, “regifts” the doll to Porsha. Porsha rejects it and brings it over to Eva.

“I feel like you’re making a problem with me and there isn’t a problem,” Kenya says to Eva, adding with characteristic menace: “You don’t want a problem with me. Trust me!”

“So you got your feelings hurt...” Eva responds.

"I'd have to care about you to get my feelings hurt," says Kenya, whose feelings were hurt enough to make it into something.

Kenya then brings up how she was also offended that Eva had spread some rumor last season about Cynthia that Cynthia long got over. Cynthia tries to cut Kenya off at the pass, saying it didn’t matter to her. But Kenya gets upset about being cut off.

You know: the usual silliness that Kenya likes to stir up.

Kandi is bemused, calls it the shade equivalent of Godzilla vs. King Kong.

Then Eva and Marlo begin pointlessly arguing and talking over each other - an echo a scene from last year. And Marlo mentions how NeNe had earlier told her that Cynthia possesses some sort of Machiavellian  dark side we never see. Cynthia defends herself with aplomb.

Then there are silly awards orchestrated by Cynthia (and the producers?): Shamea wins best twerker. Who is shadiest? Marlo wins. Best read award: Kenya. Thirstiest person: Yovanna. Most insecure ends with Kenya implying that her marriage was on the rocks.

And thankfully, this hour is over. Let’s move on.

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