‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ season 12 episode 7 recap: just a mistake?


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The big story line this week is the pending reconciliation between Porsha Williams and her fiance Dennis McKinley.

He has barely been on the show this season so far. Over the break, Porsha found out he had cheated on her while she was pregnant. She kicked him out of the house.

At one point, she said she was truly done with him but her position has softened over time.

So Dennis actually shows up to a therapy session with Porsha and is willing to be filmed doing it. That’s a good sign.

During the session, he acknowledges his “mistake” of cheating. Porsha finds “mistake” too kind of a word for it.

“He has to take full accountability for his actions period!” Porsha says. “It insults me when he says mistake.”

Dennis says the pregnancy was rough and impacted their sex life and he has needs, man! He has needs! Her counter: “We had sex throughout the pregnancy.”

She didn’t find out about the cheating until after the baby. He helped her emotionally during the pregnancy and she thought he had her back 100%. The betrayal, she said, runs deep.

“How could you have sex with anyone else” given the circumstances? the therapist asked.

“Poor decision,” he says. “Selfish decision. I’ve done my best to let Porsha know I love her and I’m remorseful. Priority for me is her and our baby.”

To regain her trust, he needs to be emphatic about his commitment to her, she says. He asks for another chance.

“I do want my family but it’s a work in progress,” Porsha says.

The therapist says trust has to be rebuilt. “It’s serious but not hopeless,” she says.

Later, he tells her he processed everything she said and acknowledged her feelings. (Oddly, they are now in the same car together although he appeared at the therapy session as if he came separately.)

Earlier in the episode, Marlo Hampton and Porsha hang out on an Atlanta Peach Roll Pedal Tour, which is where you pedal and drink at the same time across downtown Atlanta. (The producers are always fishing for new climes for these women to meet.)

They conveniently pass Dennis’ “Original Hot Dog Factory” restaurant at 75 Piedmont Ave. and stop for lunch. “Just because I’m eating your hot dog doesn’t mean we are all good again,” she says.

Porsha doesn’t want it getting back to Dennis so she Facetime’s him and informs him first. Marlo tries to goad her into saying “I love you” to Dennis and Porsha doesn’t appreciate it.

“That has nothing to do with what’s happening now,” Porsha says.

But there is no beef between the two of them. After some disagreements two years ago, Porsha and Marlo have reconciled last year and are now friends.

And spoiler alert: Porsha does eventually reconcile with him and the engagement is currently back on.


Other storylines:

Coaching! We finally see NeNe Leakes with her life coach Tamara, who is not identified by her full name (which is odd considering she probably wouldn't mind the free publicity.)

"The younger NeNe was never afraid of an argument," says the more "evolved" NeNe 2019, as images of her from 2011 pop up. "Today I want a little more peace in my life."
NeNe tells Tamara she is communicating better with Gregg but is still struggling getting re-connected with the ladies. "I need my sisterhood back," she said - for her own sanity and her paycheck, too.

Kandi & her stepdaughter: Kandi Burruss drives her husband Todd's 23-year-old daughter Kaela to the airport as she moves to New York. Todd and Kaela's relationship can be occasionally icy. Kandi gets along with Kaela but doesn't try to be her mom.

Closet reorganizing: Kenya Moore and Cynthia Bailey meet up at Cynthia's house where Cynthia seeks help with her cluttered closets. They rehash some old material, mostly about issues with long-distance relationships. Kenya's hasn't worked out so well. Cynthia is hoping to eventually NOT make it bi-coastal.

Cynthia is later seen with her fiance Mike Hill lunching with Eva Marcille and her hubby Michael Sterling. They are still wondering who may have taped a conversation with Cynthia where she supposedly bad-mouthed NeNe (as if the world doesn't already know her feelings about NeNe at this point.). Cynthia has narrowed it down to show "friend" Gail "Yovanna" Momplaisir and Marlo. All arrows point to Yovanna, who lied to Cynthia's face about not taping her. The truth will get out there at some point.

There is also a debate over whether Mike comes to Atlanta or Cynthia moves to Los Angeles. After a meal, the foursome play a game featuring footballs and bowling pins. Whoever gets the most pins wins. Mike takes the prize, but it’s doubtful this is the final decision. Cynthia has too much to lose moving to Los Angeles because she’d have to sacrifice “RHOA.” (She could maybe join Beverly Hills or Orange County, eh?) Of course, Mike would have to find a new sportscaster job in Atlanta if he came here. We shall see.

The end is near: Kenya meets with Kristen Rajagopal, a wealth and estate planner.

She says since her marriage two years earlier with Marc Daly, she did very little to protect her assets and wants to makes sure her daughter. She has businesses and her house, she says, is assessed at $1.8 million. (She purchased it for $515,000 in 2015 and spent beaucoup bucks fixing it up.)

She wants to ensure that if she dies, her money all goes to her daughter Brooklyn. She does not want Marc to be power of attorney and when a producer asks why not, she says, "He'd have a hard time if it goes against what he really thinks."

“You go so many years to find that person who is perfect for you and you want it to last forever but it doesn’t always go the way you expect it,” she adds.

Kenya cries yet again.

It’s clear Kenya married Marc without enough forethought and decided to forge right ahead anyway  despite the red flags and now regrets it. It won’t be the first time and it won’t be the last.

TRAILER FOR NEXT WEEK: Cynthia tries to get Marlo to admit she was the woman taping her. Mike Hill proposes to Cynthia. Marc Daly shows up possibly for the last time and he comes across yet again like a jerk.

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