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'Real Housewives of Atlanta' recap ('Uncharitable Behavior'): season 9, episode 10

This is posted by Rodney Ho on his AJC Radio & TV Talk blog on Sunday, January 15, 2017

This was one of those eminently forgettable episodes where the producers had to resurrect Marlo Hampton to jimmy up some fake drama.

Marlo - who got into one of the most ridiculous fights in the show's history season four with Sheree Whitfield (see below) - is now actually friends with Sheree. She inexplicably joined Sheree to Phaedra Parks' pop-up party to raise funds for Flint, Mich. children who have suffered from lead-laced water. (They raised $7,500.)

Marlo is peeved because Kenya hasn't been inviting her to parties lately. (Why should she? She is barely on the show!) So Marlo gets into Kenya's face about it at the pop-up party. Kenya, who can fake drama with the best of them, could hardly build even a modest head of steam over this molehill of an issue. As quickly as it began, it was over - and out of everyone's brains.

On the bright side for the ladies, each of them got to promote their various product lines: Kandi Burruss with her adult-related products, Cynthia Bailey with her eyewear, both Porsha Williams and Kenya Moore with hair and hair-related products, Phaedra Parks with books and Sheree with "Who Gonna Check Me Boo" T-shirts. (Kenya mocks Sheree for her rather lame "product line" while Sheree rolls her eyes over Kenya's over-the-top display.)

Other storylines? There were - kind of.


Phaedra Parks is prepping for her pop-up store. Surprisingly, Apollo's parents show up for the event. 
Remember Marlo Hampton? She's back for a cameo! It's clear she always wanted to be a full-time housewife but Andy Cohen has never given her the honors. 
  • Kenya: Her on-again, off-again boyfriend Matt Jordan does not show up but his anger-infused damage is seen. While she was in Charlotte, Matt allegedly knocked out a few windows in her house and the back window of her car. Yet she won't put a restraining order on him. She still needs him around to keep the story line going, right? I know, I know. Cynical!
Kenya Moore inspects more Matt Jordan violence.
  • Cynthia Bailey. She leaves her Glenwood Park home, where she shot many scenes over the years, including her infamous NeNe Leakes friendship contract burning and their reconciliation. Plus, they show classic scenes of her with Peter Thomas, her soon-to-be-possibly-divorced hubby. We see her say goodbye and feel wistful about it all as she moves into her Sandy Springs lake home.
Cynthia Bailey is moving.

Kandi Burruss: With Kenya worried about Matt and Cynthia between homes, they ask to stay with Kandi. Kandi is not thrilled but says yes. No update about her Old Lady Gang restaurant, which is still not open as of today.

Kandi Burruss ends up having Cynthia and Kenya stay at her house for different reasons.

Porsha Williams: Trailers show she and her supposed boyfriend Todd talking next week about their future. But this week, all we got was Porsha with her hair cut short and a scene of her promoting the pop-up store with Phaedra on "Dish Nation."

Porsha cut her hair  in September but this scene was obviously shot months later as it grew out again.

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