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‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ recap: season 11, episode 5

Originally posted Sunday, December 2, 2018 by RODNEY HO/ on his AJC Radio & TV Talk blog

“The Real Housewives of Atlanta” thrives on rumors and innuendo. 

Kandi Burruss heard from an employee that Porsha Williams’ new boyfriend Dennis McKinley had recently broken up with another girl whose name was tattooed on his body. And perhaps he broke up with that girl only after he met Porsha. 

And since this is RHOA, she couldn’t just dismiss it and move on. So she told NeNe Leakes, Cynthia Bailey and Marlo Hampton, not sure what to do with the information. She didn’t want to pass the info on to Porsha directly because their relationship was still strained. 

Naturally, NeNe told Porsha what Kandi knew and Porsha was not pleased. NeNe then denied she told Porsha to Kandi’s face. But Kandi knew the score. 

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Porsha, who fell for Dennis quickly and deeply, told Kandi that she didn’t care what he did before she met him or who is tattooed on his body. 

“If there’s anything about him before I met him, I could care less,” Porsha said. “He has so many damn tattoos, it’s probably a name I look at every day.”

She also happened to get matching tattoos with Dennis behind their ears with three symbols: a cross (symbolizing spirituality), a heart (family) and a dollar sign (prosperity.) While Dennis’ mom showed skepticism about the relationship, Porsha’s mom embraced them this time week. 

As anyone who reads the gossip columns know, Porsha is now pregnant and engaged to Dennis. So Porsha has moved ahead, gossip be damned.


Twins party: Shamari holds an over-the-top party for her one-year-old twins. Marlo with her niece and Kandi with Ace show up. When Shamari invited her childhood friend Porsha, Porsha begged off, which disappointed her.

Then some super minor “controversy” between Eva Marcille and Shamari ensues. At Cynthia’s previous event at her home, Cynthia created a game where people had to answer awkward questions or “pass a peach” to whoever they may be thinking about. When asked who needed a makeover, Eva declined to offer up any “shade” and passed the peach to Shamari. Shamari took this as Eva thinking she dresses like trash (which she does.) Shamari is proud of how she dresses. “I don’t need a makeover,” Shamai said. 

At this party, Eva backtracks and said she only meant sunshine, no shade and that as long as Shamari’s hubby is happy with how she dresses, who is she to judge? They smooth things out mostly because this was pretty much a non-starter of a controversy from the start. 


Ronnie displeased by reveal: Earlier, Shamari told her husband Ronnie that she revealed the open relationship concept during last week’s episode to the ladies.  “I am not ashamed of it,” she said. “It doesn’t define what I am today.” He looks miffed: “Not everyone has to know every damn thing.” It was not a happy period in their marriage and they almost divorced. She added: “I was bicurious, that’s all.” “You were bi-damn crazy,” he responded.


Cynthia’s gettin’ some: At a Midtown Indian restaurant, she told the gang that “my freak number has risen” under her new boo Mike Hill.  And she’s planning to opening a wine bar at the Beacon Atlanta though it’s not open yet. 


Eva Marcille tries (and fails) to say yes to a dress: At Elite Pour La Vie in Alpharetta, she tries some dresses while her mom is there critiquing everything. Eva is annoyed. Later, at Cafe Efendi, Eva’s mom wants the wedding to be more about her and wants more guests connected with her. Eva gets upset because she’s paying for the wedding while trying to please her mom and staying on budget. Feeling pressure, she cries in the restroom. “I’m a little overwhelmed,” Eva admitted to her mom. 


Cancer creeps back: After initial treatment with colon cancer, Gregg Leakes thought he was in the clear. But subsequent tests showed they weren’t able to get rid of it and the doctors recommended chemo. He was not happy. (Recently, NeNe has posted on Instagram the struggle with Gregg being mean and grouchy.)

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