Porsha vs. Kandi redux: ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ recap, season 11, episode 10

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It took until episode 10 of this sleepy season before “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” was able to jimmy up an actual conflict.

This time, it was Porsha Williams vs. Kandi Burruss yet again. Their fragile detente this season shattered quickly this episode. 

Why? At Todd Tucker’s Michael Jordan-themed 45th birthday, an ex girlfriend of Porsha’s current fiance Dennis McKinley showed up and kissed him on the cheek. Porsha, who felt like she was set up, supposedly got a little into the woman’s face. (Her name is Sherrie.)

To Kandi’s staffer Jamie, Porsha was being threatening so she booted her out of the party. Soon after, the “news” popped up on gossip sites. 

This is all well and good but a big question remains: why didn’t “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” film Tucker’s party for the show? If they had, they might have been able to capture this juicy scene.

Instead, they missed it and had to rely on the ladies talking about it afterwards. For a show hungering for conflict, it seems like the producers dropped the ball here.

Porsha later explained to NeNe and Cynthia that Kandi let her staff kick her out and didn’t reach out to her afterwards to get her side of the story. Kandi tends to avoid conflict that way but that avoidance sometimes sows greater conflict int he future. 

At Eva and Tanya’s hibachi party, before Porsha arrived, Kandi acted surprised that Porsha had unfriended her and deleted her pictures on social media. And she felt she was due an apology from Porsha for “acting out.”

Then Porsha arrived and Kandi was fired up. “What did I do to you?” Kandi said.

Porsha said Kandi told her at the party that they would talk later and Kandi never reached out to her. And she was upset the conflict hit the gossip blogs. 

“If you are being the aggressor, disrupting the party, I would think you would call me and say ‘I’m sorry,’ ” Kandi said.

“I didn’t think I was the aggressor,” Porsha said.

At this point, normally, the producers would show video of the actual conflict and let the viewers decide if Porsha was being too aggressive. 

But there is no video. So it ended up being a she said, she said situation. 

“I was wrongfully kicked out of the party!” Porsha said.

Given her past violent behavior, Kandi didn’t buy it. And Porsha’s anger took over: “You are not my f****** friend... If you were any type of friend... your conversation with me would be different.”

Kandi complained that Porsha tended to go from aggressor to victim. “I’m nobody’s victim b**tch!” Porsha responded. 

Eva interceded with this comically sane line: “This is not effective communication.” 

As Kandi tried to leave, Porsha burst out: “You are fake.”

“You don’t know how to control yourself, that’s the problem,” Kandi said.

The conflict will continue next week but odds are pretty good it will just peter out. 

In other story lines:

Mike Hill appears! Cynthia’s long-distance boyfriend, a sports broadcaster from Los Angeles named Mike Hill, finally showed up in person. With her daughter off to college, Cynthia is alone for the first time in ages and despite the fact they have been only dating five months long distance, she is already open to getting married again. (Yup. She doesn’t like being alone.) Instead, he asked her to be “his lady” but it was not a proposal. She clearly was disappointed but that’s sure better than a break up.

Look who popped up again? Cynthia’s always entertaining ex Peter Thomas appeared for the first time this season to hang out with NeNe and Gregg Leakes. Peter talked about Cynthia’s life a bit and wished her well. But he didn’t seem at all excited about meeting Mike. (He will always hold a candle for Cynthia.) We also got an update on Gregg’s colon cancer. He had his colon disconnected from his digestive system while he recovered from cancer. They are now going to “reconnect” it so he won’t have to use a colostomy bag anymore. NeNe seemed understandably relieved. 

The DeVoes marriage counseling: the show films one of their counseling sessions. Shamari is watching the kids while Ronnie makes the dough. She misses going out on tour herself but obviously, Ronnie’s a bit more famous and generates far more money touring than she would. Otherwise, they seem pretty happy. 

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