'Love & Hip Hop Atlanta' season 3 reunion part 1: Explosions! Fireworks! Pure silliness!

Let the fireworks begin!

With Sommore as host (instead of show creator Mona Scott Young, who hosted seasons one and two), this week's part one of the three-part "Love and Hip Hop Atlanta" teased just a bit to the crazy  Joseline attack on Benzino's squeeze Althea and others that TMZ reported soon after this reunion was taped last month in New York City.

Before a new round of taping would start, Stevie J and Joseline both were complaining about how hot it was. Benzino and Althea said it was the cocaine but didn't say specifically who they were targeting. (A source told me it was Joseline.)

This led Joseline and Stevie J to get up and go after Benzino and Althea. Althea and Joseline have had a tense relationship prior to the reunion as it is.

We only see bits and pieces of what happens next, which also involves Mimi and Tammy. There's a lot of rage, security people and near chaos. Reality show gold!

We'll certainly see more of it next week, probably to record ratings.


We also had three other story lines explored this week before the explosion:

First up is Lil Scrappy and his three women.

Scrappy sits next to Bambi, apparently his main chick right now. She spends several minutes arguing with Erica Pinkett, Scrappy's "aspiring side chick" friend. He apparently never slept with this particular Erica but flirted with her incessantly via text. During the season. Bambi came to blows with Erica because Scrappy was sharing info with Erica about Bambi's miscarriage. Scrappy is now clearly supporting Bambi but only loves her sometimes. "He's very confused," Bambi says.

Then there's his former ex Erica Dixon and mother of his child. She is still in the picture. They were getting along better toward the end of the season and since the end of taping have apparently gotten very close - physically close. Erica even has a hotel receipt to prove they hung out together. Scrappy claims he doesn't "remember" any of it. Was he blacked out? Or just lying? He takes a lie detector test and apparently is "deceptive" on the question of whether he gave Erica oral sex.

Scrappy is Mr. Non-Commitment, isn't he? And quite a liar, too. And why does Momma Dee keep calling Bambi "The Bambi"? Then again, she calls herself "The Bam." So there ya go.


Then we review Kirk Frost and Rasheeda's story lines for the year. Nothing new apparently has happened since he cheated on her season two and eventually apologized in a big way season three. They remain together and are doing well.


And Karlie Redd and Yung Joc get a few minutes of air time. She considered Yung Joc an "upgrade" from Benzino, her boyfriend from season one. But when she found out Joc was cheating on her with business associate Khadiyah, the Cheshire Cat woman, the two women came to blows and Karlie broke it off with Joc.

Yung Joc said Karlie became so mad at him, they got physical and she broke his finger. Then they had sex. No kidding.

TV ratings

The show drew its second highest ratings of the season last Monday for the 17th and final regular season episode: 3.9 million viewers and a 2.1 18-49 rating. The show is averaging about 3.6 million viewers for the first showing this season, the best so far and up from about 3.2 million season two.

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