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'Love & Hip Hop Atlanta' recap season 4 episode 11

By RODNEY HO/, originally filed Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Is Kirk Frost cheating again on Rasheeda?

Or is this some ridiculously contrived storyline concocted by Mona Scott Young & Co.?

So far, we have seen no evidence Kirk is doing anything untoward with his label artist Ashley Nicole. His inability to communicate with his wife and past track record, though, sows the seeds of doubt.

On the latest episode, Rasheeda tries to keep an open mind about Ashley after she had apologized to her in a previous episode.  Kirk hosts a showcase night for Ashley and Rasheeda and Erica (remember her?) listen in. Ashley lip syncs, which doesn't impress Erica at all. Erica also mocks the black lace outfit Ashley wore.

Rasheeda said despite all that, she thinks Ashley has some potential. But whatever positivity she felt fades when she finds out Kirk is taking Ashley on a promo tour without telling Rasheeda first. As usual, he shoots first, makes excuses later. Yet Rasheeda lets him go.

Erica, who has been burned by Scrappy, is suitably suspicious. Kirk is always doing stuff behind her back Rasheeda becomes anxious there might be some hanky panky going on between him and his client. "I got to stop making excuses for my husband's behavior," she said.

While Kirk is at some hotel on this so-called "promo tour," Rasheeda calls the hotel room from the front desk and when she reaches his room, she hears Ashley's voice. She hangs up, scoops up Erica and drives to the hotel to confront Kirk. But if they are on some sort of promo tour, where are they exactly? How can she just drive over there?

Anyway, this leaves a "cliffhanger" for next week.


Last week, we saw former stripper Jessica Dime show up uninvited to the recording studio to confront her old friend Joseline, who had been avoiding her.

Joseline is obviously prepared for Jessica because she begins throwing dollar bills at her, noting that she had paid Jessica for sex. Joseline insists they weren't close friends ever. Jessica is insulted. They are about to get into a fight but security pulls them apart.

(Since Joseline's over-the-top attacks at the reunion last season, this season's "fights" have been stopped quicker than they used to be.)

Joseline is all heated but Stevie J mollifies her quick with good news: he not only is working with P Diddy but also signs a film deal with investors involving Joseline in a romantic comedy called "That Time of the Month." She gets turned on by his business acumen.


Margeaux and Jessica Dime meet at an open mic night at Ten Lounge in East Atlanta, courtesy of Karlie "I need a storyline" Redd. They get along well and Karlie finds Margeaux to be quite a talented singer songwriter. With her plans to start a record label (clearly, the thing to do nowadays), she is thinking of placing Margeaux on it.

In the meantime, Jessica is still annoyed that Mimi Faust isn't doing much for her as a manager. She meets with Mimi and airs her complaints. Mimi manages to convince her that she's doing all she can so Jessica backs down for now. Mimi, having heard Dawn was trying to hone in on her client, meets with her. Dawn is dismissive of Mimi's managerial skills, noting that she can't even manage her own life. "You don't have the mindset for this," she said. "Get yourself together."

Mimi does control herself and there is nothing more than a few nasty words exchanged.

A week off for: Yung Joc and his baby mama drama, Kaleena and Tony, Scrappy and his life. All will be addressed this Thursday on a special mid-week edition of the show.

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