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'Love & Hip Hop Atlanta' ('Mystery Solved'): season 5, episode 11

By RODNEY HO/, originally filed Monday, June 20, 2016

VH1 deprived us of a fresh episode last week. So we've had to wait two full weeks to find out whether Joseline Hernandez was spinning tales of more baby mamas for her "husband" Stevie J.

Alas, that crying jag she did with Mimi Faust a couple episodes ago was a big fat lie. She was just messing with Stevie J and Mimi while booking gigs with Dawn. Those were crocodile tears, honey!

Mimi, who can't help but get herself sucked into Stevie J's business like a vacuum (as Rasheeda said), wants to go prove that at least one of the women Joseline had mentioned has a two year old that looks just like Stevie J. He denies it but accompanies her on a drive to North Carolina. They meet said woman, who is clearly there for some camera time. She first hints that a toddler is available for inspection, then basically says, "Psych!" She compares her need for air time with Kim Kardashian and even Mimi's sex tape. I have my doubts that this is going to lead to much of anything to be honest. Whoever she is, she's going to be disappointed.

A preening Stevie J feels vindicated. Mimi feels bamboozled and annoyed but surely she's secretly happy that she's getting all this grandiose air time.

Joseline has been messing with Stevie J in multiple ways insulting his godmother Karen KK King, working with Dawn and now making up stories about Stevie J's inability to use a condom.

So he goes on Hot 107.9's Durrty Boyz to say that Joseline and he are currently not together at all and in fact, were never really married. That "revelation" is hardly anything surprising. Nobody has ever been able to prove they were married in the first place. The ring on Joseline's finger don't mean a thang, so to speak.

The games these two play to keep the mayhem going. Who's ideas are these anyway?


The only other notable story line this week is Scrappy's Instagram video insulting transgender people, saying some of them are just men in wigs and are fooling people. He also included some curse words and says they need to show baby pictures to prove what their bits are.

Betty Idol is insulted but Momma Dee likes her and would like her to hook up with Scrappy. Momma Dee, who looks wonderful in that new hair style of hers, berates her son for his video but he defends himself. He is not homophobic, he says. He just has that fear that he might be kissing on a person who looks like a woman but is actually a man. The horror!

At a concert with Bobby Valentino, he meets up with Betty Idol, who brings her buddy and transgender producer D Smith. They have a surprisingly civil conversation about his issues although she clearly does not agree with Scrappy. The civility is so not normal on this show. Where's Jessica Dime or Tiarra when you need them?


We also spend the first few minutes finally saying good bye to Scrapp De Leon, who had made the first 10 episodes this season entertaining with his womanizing. But he unfortunately got caught trafficking pot and was sentenced to five years in prison, 15 years probation. Considering that marijuana is now legal in several states, this is borderline outrageous.

We'll miss you Scrapp. Come on back for season 10, ya hear?


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