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'Love and Hip Hop Atlanta' recap (season 5, episode 2): so much fightin' goin' on!

By RODNEY HO/, originally filed Monday, April 11, 2016

Warning: this is a two-fight episode!

Since the beginning of 'Love and Hip Hop Atlanta," the show has boasted a Lil Scrappy. But that isn't enough scrap for creator Mona Scott Young. We now have corn-rowed ex-felon Scrapp DeLeon, too.

And they have similar story lines: Scrapp also has a baby mama and a girlfriend.

But while Scrappy's Momma Dee never seemed to like anybody Scrappy dated, Scrapp's mom Karen "KK" King is buds with Scrapp's girl Tommie but hates Tiarra, the baby mama. (She thinks Tiarra told the cops about her and her two sons beating up one of her exes, an action that landed all three in prison for four years.)

Naturally, "Love and Hip Hop" stirs the pot by having Tommie track down Tiarra, who is working at some club. How Tiarra had no idea who Tommie was in last week's episode makes no sense since "Love and Hip Hop Atlanta" cameras were trained on her when Tommie innocently invited her to a party. But it makes for a nice story line.

So shocker! She arrives at Mimi's "coming out" party at Elleven45 Lounge (formerly Frank Ski's) and confronts Tommie. When Tommie finds out Tiarra claims to be still sleeping with Scrapp, she throws a drink and chaos ensues - for a few seconds until the guards intervene. Then Mimi expresses faux outrage that a fight broke tout at her party. I know! Fights breaking out during a "Love and Hip Hop Atlanta" party! That never happens!

Later, Tiarra - who ended up with a cast on her finger from the fight - confronts Scrapp about his relationship with Tommie, which he conveniently not told her about. Obviously, she knows now so he admits it belatedly because that's what guys do. This is a love triangle that isn't going away any time soon.


Speaking of Scrappy: He's now opening a modeling agency with Yung Joc. Both are now single so this can't possibly be a way to meet women, right? "I'm in it for the money, not the honey," said Scrappy. Uh huh. Riiiiight. Yung Joc, in the meantime, hits on Scrappy's hot assistant Taylor. She isn't interested. Ouch.

Kirk vs. Scrappy: Scrappy is still annoyed that Rasheeda didn't come to help him out during his battles with Erica Dixon over child support. After Momma Dee confronted Rasheeda about it last week, Kirk comes to Scrappy's modeling audition party to basically tell him that Rasheeda didn't support him anyway. That didn't go over well. But neither dude is big on physical fighting. So they exchange some cross words and Kirk leaves.

Mimi defines her relationship: While she may have surprised her castmates by "coming out" with Chris Gould, her new girlfriend, neither considers this a lesbian relationship. Why? "I identify male in a female vessel," Chris said. "I'm a boy in a girl's body."

Welcome to D. Smith: And transgender producer D. Smith (who I spoke with a few days ago) makes her debut with her bud Betty Idol, who may or may not have a thing for Scrappy. She does a fashion show. Tammy Rivera likes her and asks D. Smith to model for her clothing line. But D. Smith heard that Tammy's flame Waka Flocka Flame had allegedly said something negative about transgender folks (specifically criticizing Caitlyn Jenner for "rebuking God" and being marketed "like a superhero.") So D. Smith decides not to do the fashion show despite Tammy's insistence she is cool with her being transgender. Instead, she brings Betty Idol to Tammy. Maybe Betty could do the show instead? Nope. Betty gets all in a way about Tammy instead and a fight breaks out.

Who is still missing: Stevie J appears next week based on a trailer but has been incognito the first two episodes, along with his beau Joseline Hernandez. My guess is they were still in Hollywood shooting their spinoff.

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