THE VOICE -- "Battle Rounds" Season 17 -- Pictured: (l-r) Alex Guthrie, Injoy Fountain -- (Photo by: Justin Lubin/NBC)
Photo: NBC/Justin Lubin/NBC
Photo: NBC/Justin Lubin/NBC

Atlantans on reality show: ‘The Voice,’ ‘Survivor,’ ‘Temptation Island,’ ‘Battle of the Fittest Couples’

Originally posted Wednesday, October 16, 2019 by RODNEY HO/ on his AJC Radio & TV Talk blog

Alex Guthrie made it into the knockout rounds this week on “The Voice” with a song he has sung for years: “Home” by Marc Broussard

The Marietta resident competed against Injoy Fountain, who was not familiar with the song but did an impressive job, singing with verve and personality. Guthrie, not quite used to singing without a guitar, didn’t know what to do with his hands but his bluesy style fit the song well. 

Blake Shelton said he felt Alex could have been more aggressive and preferred Injoy’s infectious personality. John Legend also believed Alex’s vocals lacked personality while he raved about Injoy. Gwen Stefani felt Alex took charge of the stage. Kelly liked his range and his moves. She chose Alex. 

THE VOICE -- "Blind Auditions/Battle Rounds" Episode 1707 -- Pictured: Caroline Reilly -- (Photo by: Justin Lubin/NBC)
Photo: NBC/Justin Lubin/NBC

Caroline Reilly, 16, of Cumming was the final person picked Monday during the blind auditions. With Team John Legend, Team Kelly Clarkson and Team Blake Shelton full, she was the last singer to fill Team Gwen Stefani’s team.

She does a spirited version of Jefferson Airplane’s “Somebody to Love.” The camera does not show who she is and the judges wonder if she’s young. They think she is and they are correct. Gwen gives her a standing ovation. 

“Is that a 35 year old woman or a little girl?” Gwen said. “Not that I’m being ageist. Your voice is way too mature for your age.”

In an interview, Caroline( who is home schooled) said she has been taking vocal lessons since she was 11. She also has a love for both classic rock and ‘90s alt rock. Going into the blind auditions, she had no idea only Gwen had a spot left. But that was her first pick anyway for a coach.

She admires Gwen’s style and stage presence and hopes to glean nuggets of valuable advice from her on both fronts. 

Caroline, when given a chance, would love to record in that pop-rock lane Gwen has. She already has a single planned soon. 


Photo: CBS. Missy Byrd in October 16's episode of "Survivor"

Wesleyan grad and Atlanta native Missy Byrd, four episodes into the 39th season of “Survivor,” has played a solid game and her name has not come up for elimination. But there are potential signs of trouble for her. 

Up to this point, she appears to be a team player on the Lairo tribe and only began causing ripples during tonight’s fourth episode. She has been part of an all-female pact she helped form early on and got rid of both Ronnie and Vince. With a potential showmance percolating between Dean Kowalksi and Chelsea Walker that could mess up that alliance, she hedged her bets by sidling up to fellow minority and military person Aaron Meredith during episode four, which aired October 16. 

Unfortunately, her team lost the immunity challenge for the third time in four tries this past Wednesday. She and Aaron targeted solid player Dean in an attempted blindside when Karishma Patel was the easy one to  take out since she was playing such a poor game. Then again, she is so bad, she actually has paradoxical value and those types of players don’t tend to leave early anymore .

Aaron’s move was deemed too aggressive at this stage in the game and neither Elizabeth Beisel or Elaine Stott were sold. 

Missy was frustrated, feeling there are too many “sheep” in the tribe unwilling to make a big move. “I’m here to play this game and kick some butt,” she said. 

She flipped the target onto Chelsea, which Elaine didn’t find all that appealing. “It’s a big cluster,” Elaine said. “With these yahoos you don’t know what is going on.” It also blows up Missy’s all-female alliance. 

In the end, a majority opted to take Chelsea out. Missy was a major mover and shaker yet again but the trick now is for her not to make herself too big of a target herself going forward. Missy, by throwing out so many targets out loud, may make herself vulnerable now. 

The trailer shows Dean being upset about Missy’s move taking his “girlfriend” out. And a merge happens. 

For the second week in a row, someone left the game with an idol in their pocket. 


“Survivor,” 8 p.m. Wednesdays, CBS


Photo: CR: USA Medinah Ali is going to try to "tempt" men on "Temptation Island" season 2 on USA Network

USA Network’s “Temptation Island” debuted last Thursday for season two of the revamped version.

Four couples came on the island, were split and allowed to be “single” with a bunch of actual single folk.

Medinah Ali, a 30-year-old podcaster of a raunchy relationship show “Cocktales: Dirty Discussions,” is one of the more notable singles trying to entice one of the four men into a relationship with her instead. 

Based on the first episode, it’s clear she is going to be trouble. She is attractive (as they all are) with a seductive voice, warm smile and flirty presence. 

In her bio on the website, she said she’s tired of the dating scene and wants to seek a long-term partner. “You won’t find her doing all the cooking and cleaning at home, she wants an equal partner who can keep up with her sass and spunk!” the bio said. 

In episode two airing this Thursday, Medinah starts vibing quickly with Rick Fleur and isn’t remotely perturbed when he looks away from her to comment on another woman’s booty. When he picks her for a “date” in front of his girl, Rick’s girl Ashley Goldson immediately muttered under her breath, “I hate her.”

Later, Medinah said: “Ashley should be worried.”

Indeed, the two really have any easy time together. 

In an interview, Medinah also said she liked two of the three other men in question,  Gavin Rocker of Decatur and David Benavidez

When getting to know a man, Medinah isn’t a fan of traditional questions and opts to go off-base as she did with Rick in episode two, asking for his favorite joke.

Medinah, who moved to Atlanta about a decade ago, said she didn’t know anything about the show at first, neither the original on Fox (three seasons from 2001 to 2003) nor the reboot on USA. 

She decided to be her best temptress, aware that was the ideal role for a show that is, well, called “Temptation Island.” And she does it well. “I’m playing my part,” she said. “I know what I signed up for. I wanted to make sure I enjoyed myself.” 

But that won’t stop her from cringing, she said, during some over-the-top moments. 

“I told myself to 100 percent commit,” she said. “I won’t hold back. I’m going to be vulnerable. I’ll be physical if I feel like it.” 

In other words, a casting agent’s dream pick. 


“Temptation Island,” 10 p.m. Thursdays, USA


Photo: Blake and Tayla of Dalton on Paramount's "Battle of the Fittest Couples"

Talya Smith and Blake Chastain of Dalton are a power couple competing for $100,000 in Paramount’s new reality competition “Battle of the Fittest Couples,” which debuted on Tuesday at 11 p.m. and was taped a year ago.

The couple met as kids and now work out together at least twice a week. She was a softball player in her younger days. He was into baseball. 

Blake is currently focused on weight lifting and strength. Taltya goes for more all-around fitness and  endurance. 

“I’m trying to build more muscle but over the summer I leaned out for beach weather,” said Talya in an interview. (Blake was on the phone but chose to stay mum while focused on lifting weights - literally.)

She said they are both pretty competitive. “It was pretty cutthroat,” she said. “We made friends but there are definitely people we got a little more fierce with.” 

Talya has watched “Big Brother” and tried to create some alliances to keep other couples from targeting them. “But I’m so talkative,” she said. “I feel some jealousy comes out from another girl because I’m friendly with everybody.” 

She was more secure and didn’t have issues with that:“If someone comes at me, I’ll put them in their place. But I’m not a drama starter.” 


“Battle of the Fittest Couples,” 11 p.m. Tuesdays, Paramount

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