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Kyle Chrisley tells Daily Mail Todd Chrisley is a 'snake' who 'stole' his daughter

Kyle Chrisley is curiously absent from the second season of USA's reality show "Chrisley Knows Best," which debuted last week to solid ratings.

During the third episode that aired this past Tuesday, Atlanta patriarch Todd Chrisley said his son Kyle is suffering from drugs and alcohol and as a result, Kyle's daughter Chloe is staying with the Chrisley family and not Kyle. It's not  a flattering portrayal of Kyle.

In a scathing interview to the U.K. Daily Mail, Kyle responded, calling his dad "manipulative" and "vindictive," "a snake who shut me out of my child's life."

He said he is fighting in court to get his daughter back after custody was taken away from him. He also said he was clean and sober and living with his wife of six months, Lexi, in an apartment in Chamblee.

‘This show has been nothing but bad for me," Kyle told the Daily Mail (which has greatly expanded its reach in the United States in the past year or two). "At this point he’s ruined me and he’s ruined the other three kids he’s had who are spoiled." He said he can't reach his father and believes the family has moved to California.

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Kyle said the idea that the family voluntarily chose to "downsize" from their huge 30,000 square foot mansion in Roswell was bull. They had to short-sell, he said, to keep the bank from seizing it. That's why the house was sold under cost at $2.1 million in June when it was for sale for $2.4 million.

Kyle also said Todd micromanages on set and will get family members to re-do a scene if he isn't happy with what was said. (The show is already set for a third season.)

In a response on E! News that aired Friday night, Todd said the article "is not telling the truth."

Kyle is bi-polar, he said, and isn't taking his medications.  He said Kyle was booted off the show but it wasn't his call. "He was hostile to the crew," Todd said. "He was hostile to other people on the show. You can't have that."

Kyle in the story also alleged that Todd wanted Chloe on the show because she's a mixed child and thought that would be good for ratings. "That is not true," Todd said. "That is probably the most hurtful thing in the article because he's my son and I love him. I will get him the help that he needs once we locate him."

He claimed he has not been able to track down Kyle in seven weeks. The courts took the right away from Kyle to parent, Todd said.


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