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Jim Kosek replaces Markina Brown as CBS 46's chief meteorologist

New chief meteorologist Jim Kosek worked under the current CBS46 news director in Kansas City.
New chief meteorologist Jim Kosek worked under the current CBS46 news director in Kansas City.

Credit: Rodney Ho

Credit: Rodney Ho

Two hours ago, I posted a story speculating who might replace CBS46 chief meteorologist  Markina Brown, thinking it might be awhile before a new person would be named.

I was wrong on that front.  Larry Perret, the new news director there who arrived in September, just sent out a memo to staff announcing a new chief meteorologist from Kansas City (market No. 31): Jim Kosek . He previously worked at a Meredith station KCTV for all of five months. Prior to that, he was chief meteorologist at AccuWeather and a station in Salt Lake City (market No. 33). He has more than a quarter century experience in this business.

During his time at AccuWeather, which provides weather services all over the country, he became a bit of a Web sensation for his nutty on-air forecasts, which included screaming and strange voices.

There are some viral YouTube videos of Kosek doing some rather schticky stuff:

The Washington Post even felt compelled to write about his "over-the-top antics."

"You can get weather just about anywhere nowadays -- you don't have to pay for this stuff," Kosek says, "so I think you've gotta add a little uh-umph, some panache to it."

He toned it down quite a bit when he was in Kansas City for this August 23 forecast:

Kosek is joining CBS46 on Monday, Dec. 1. Brown's final day, after four years at CBS46, was Nov. 14.

After watching his videos, I know I have to talk to this guy when he arrives in Atlanta! We'll have to see how much leeway CBS46 gives him.

This isn't a pick out of the dark. Perret previously worked at KCTV as news director for a year until September. So he knows Kosek's work.

Perret said the timing was just right.

Kosek moves from market No. 31 to No. 8 so he does get a nice raise.

As part of Perret's memo, he wrote this:

Jim is also a big animal lover and has worked with pet rescue organizations in the past.  He is looking forward to volunteering here in Atlanta.  He has a 7 year old boxer/lab mix, Chopper and a 10 year old cat, Spurs.  Watching sports is a priority for Jim along with playing golf.

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