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Ed Hartwell denies Keshia Knight Pulliam's allegations he is trying to kill their unborn child

By RODNEY HO/, originally filed Saturday, August 20, 2016

Atlanta actress Keshia Knight Pulliam has not seen her name in headlines to this degree in decades. Unfortunately, it's not for something particularly good.

Instead, she and her husband Ed Hartwell are in the midst of an ugly, public battle after just seven months of marriage. Weirdly, she got pregnant and announced the news a few weeks back just 10 days before he filed for divorce in court. She said that was a surprise.

TMZ is keeping up with the court documents they have been filing. Last week, the former "Cosby Show" actress actually accused Hartwell of creating such a stressful situation due to the fact he's "mentally and emotionally abusive," he might be actively trying to cause a miscarriage. He needs a psych exam, she said in her filing, due to Hartwell's alleged "deep-seated rage and uncontrollable anger." She also said he's scary with his firearms and is actively cheating on her. She called him a man of "despicable character and egregious demeanor giving interviews to the media for financial gain."

The former NFL player and ex-husband of Lisa Wu came back this week mocking her idea that he might want to kill the child, that she is just trying to malign him out of spite. And he said he can handle his guns just fine, thank you very much.

UPDATE: I eventually got a copy of the paperwork myself. It it, he denied surprising Knight-Pulliam with the divorce filing. He said he tried to "avoid a public spectacle out of the pregnancy." He asked they enter into a confidentiality agreement and she agreed but changed counsel and went public with "slanderous and libelous statements." He wrote, for instance, that she is the one with "deep-seated rage and uncontrollable anger," not him. And he said he did not cheat on her.

Hartwell also repeated he'd like a paternity test, implying she may have cheated on him. But he's willing to wait until the baby is born to do so since prenatal testing could endanger the unborn child. He also wrote that he only spoke to the press after she made public "disparaging" comments against him. He also said he did not get compensated for any interviews he has done.

Interestingly, Georgia law says they cannot divorce until the unborn child is born.

Reconciliation does not look likely. As Knight Pulliam concluded in her filing, "There is no chance or hope of reconciliation between the parties."

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