Former Atlantan and reality star Todd Chrisley reveals he was hospitalized for COVID-19

Former Atlanta resident Todd Chrisley, star of USA reality show "Chrisley Knows Best," told the world this week he is recuperating from a serious case of COVID-19.

Chrisley, who moved to Nashville a few years ago, revealed the news on his podcast “Chrisley Confessions.”

"Can we talk about this [expletive] called corona?" Todd said. "I have been battling corona for three weeks. I was in the hospital for four and a half days, fever between 100 to 103 and it has been the sickest I have ever been on this earth. Hopefully, I will get better every day, but as of right now, folks, I still am not clicking on all cylinders. I am probably about 70 to 75% of what I normally I am, but that last 25% is kicking my [expletive].”

The “Chrisley Knows Best” reality show debuted in 2014 out of Atlanta and became a hit for USA Network. The show has aired more than 140 episodes and is set to return soon with an eighth season.

Todd's daughter Savannah Chrisley — a regular on the show — described her own feelings about her father's condition on Instagram.

"I have never been so scared in my life," Savannah wrote to her two million followers.  "When dad started getting sick I immediately started worrying... After a couple days mom and I talked him into going to urgent care... he went in and he was showing all symptoms of COVID-19 so they tested him."

She wrote about being away from her father while he was isolated in the hospital.

“Those were the hardest 3 days I think I’ve ever endured,” Savannah wrote. “I talk to my daddy 10x a day! He’s my best friend.”

She said she dropped off photos so he could at least see his family that way while he was in there.

In a later post on Thursday, Savannah added: “Within the past couple of days he’s kinda been a smarta**... so we know he’s definitely on the mend!”