Film and TV crew members ask film, TV studios to publicly oppose Georgia ‘heartbeat’ abortion bill

Originally posted Thursday, March 28, 2019 by RODNEY HO/ on his AJC Radio & TV Talk blog

In a new tact, more than 60 Georgia film and crew members have sent an open letter to production companies HBO, Sony,  Disney, Universal Pictures, Marvel and Netflix to publicly oppose the “heartbeat” abortion bill.

The people who signed the letter include set designers, location managers, props managers and drivers.

They noted that film studios pressured Gov. Nathan Deal to veto a “religious liberty” bill in 2016. “We now need the studios to do the same again,” the letter said. “As employers to hundreds of women and people who are able to reproduce, it essential that your employees are able to manage their bodies and have the ability to make critical life decisions on their own.”

To date, none of the aforementioned production companies, who all do business in Georgia and take advantage of the state's generous tax credits, have chosen to publicly take a stand on the bill, which is currently in the House. Gov. Brian Kemp has said he would sign the bill, which greatly restricts abortions six weeks after conception.

“These studios must demand Georgia to listen to the state’s medical experts and stop House 481 from becoming law. As employers to thousands of Georgians, it is immoral and irresponsible to remain silent when reproductive rights are under attack,” the letter concluded.

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Here is the list of crew members who signed the letter:

Jaime Rosengren, On Set Dresser

Rebecca Rathier, Film Industry

Freelance Anna Davis, Key Assistant Location Manager

Natalie Karp Allowitz

Kristin Killey, Unit Production Manager

Dawn Beagan

Jay Pelissier, Art Director

Cindy Carr, Set Director

Rachael Tartell, Location Manager

Savannah Andries, Set Dec Assistant

Brittany Wages, Photographer and Production Coordinator

Ebony Blanding

Kate Adelung, Video Production Manager

Haley Haircloth

Molly Coffee, Production Designer

Hannah Johnson, Wardrobe Stylist

Megan Dahl, Line Producer

Aparna Sharma, Consultant

Caitlin Elmes, Set Decoration Buyer

Parker Woods, Set Dresser

Laurie Bookhardt, Art Coordinator

Jonna Capehart, Set Decorator

AJ Austin, Set Dresser

Steven Spelman, Assistant Prop Master

Steven Greer, Assistant Prop Master

Heather Haynes, Props Assistance

Shelby Treichler, Props Person

Molly Ebner, Set Decoration Buyer

Robert Rosengren, Set Dresser/Gang Boss

Carmer Rice, Creative

Emily Pietro, Set Dresser

Kacie Craver, Set Dresser

Schenley Sargusingh, Best Boy Electric

Cameron Sherman, Craft Services

Susan Tanner, Set Dresser

April Thornton, Locations Assistant

Jay Odum, Dimmer Board Operator

Trent Walker, Camera Loader

Bobb Lovett, Gaffer

Jessica Pinkstone, Commercial Production Designer

Deidra Lynn Currie, Prop Assistant, On Set Dresser, Set Dresser

Eric West, Set Dressing Gang Boss

Steven Freeman, Set Dresser

Jonathan Hall, Set Dresser

Victoria Coffee, Art Department Coordinator

Gabrielle Levesque, VFX Data Wrangler

Adrianne Skrzypek, Assistant Prop Master

Josh Romeo, Performer

Allen Robinson, Key Grip, Best Boy Grip, Grip

Sofia Yankelevitch, Props Person

Matthew Beaty, Assistant Location Manager

Mike Germon, Props Department

Allyson Lally, Set Decoration Buyer

Ariel Kaplan, Assistant Prop Manager

Jascha Ogarra, Driver

Hannah Tarr, Standby Painter

Annie Rhodes, Producer’s Assistant

Jared Fleury, Property Master

Oren M., Second Assistant Camera

Jennifer Fleury, On Set Dresser

Josephine Figueroa, Creative Project Manager

Vanessa Smith IATSE 479 Set Decorator

Catherine Campbell, Set Dresser

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