Bayleigh moments after she was voted out of the “Big Brother 20” house. 

Did Bayleigh take an egress on ‘Big Brother 20’?

Originally posted Thursday, August 9, 2018 by RODNEY HO/ on his AJC Radio & TV Talk blog

Bayleigh Dayton, the Atlanta-based flight attendant, was eliminated on “Big Brother 20” tonight just past the halfway point of the season.

Six of the seven eligible voters opted to oust her over Rockstar. Even some of Bayleigh’s allies voted against her, aware they didn’t have the votes to keep her and didn’t need blood on their hands. Sam Bledsoe gave her a sole (pointless) vote.

When Tyler Crispen won the veto competition, he handed the power back to his ally Angela Rummans. She proceeded to “backdoor” Bayleigh, placing her on the block, replacing Tyler. She claimed she picked Bayleigh because she believed Bayleigh was the “hacker” who had placed Tyler on the block.

Haleigh, Bayleigh’s closest ally and the actual “hacker,” had planned to keep her identity a secret but she wanted to help her friend so she outed herself to everyone, even at a risk to her game. She then said Tyler gave Angela the idea to backdoor Bayleigh. Bayleigh, who had trusted Tyler to a degree, went ballistic. 

A few weeks ago, Bayleigh had received a special Identity Theft Power App that would have allowed her to secretly take over the Head of Household’s picks to be on the block. But once Bayleigh revealed her power to Rachel Swindler, word got out and she became a target. “Loose lips sink ships,” as host Julie Chen noted. 

Bayleigh was not surprised she was leaving by the time the vote happened and chose to hold her tongue in her final speech, even apologizing for yelling at Tyler.

“I’m no longer a big scary black lady,” she said semi-sarcastically right after the elimination, alluding to the fact no black woman has ever won “Big Brother 20.” 

She was a mixture of resigned and defiant while talking to Chen.

“I’m not scared of none of these people,” she said. 

She added: “I do love them but they get on my last nerve. You don’t understand being in that house with those people drove me insane. I had to keep my mouth shut because they already expected me to be crazy so then it just kind of exploded.” 

Bayleigh acknowledged telling Rachel about her power app was her biggest mistake. She said it was not strategic at all but only told her to appease her. “She was crying... I wanted to shut her up!” 

She also said she was in love with Swaggy C, adding “he better be in love with me or I will kick his butt.” She was thrilled to hear he visited her family and they liked him. (Swaggy was the second one cut.)

So she didn’t win $500,000 but did gain a boyfriend. And she is the first person on the jury to pick the ultimate winner. 

Tyler has been playing a smart game and was thrilled to see her go: “Add Bayleigh to the hit list,” he said. “Another blindside for Level 6. Let’s go!” 

And Brett continues to play the big jerk. “You made an enemy out of me,” he told Bayleigh in the exit video in a grating unctuous tone. “I decided to send you home. Poor choices, Bayleigh. Bye!” 

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