Catching up with Atlanta’s Hello Sunday, “The Voice” 14-year-old duo

THE VOICE -- "Live Semi Final Results" Episode 1719B  -- Pictured: Hello Sunday -- (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)
THE VOICE -- "Live Semi Final Results" Episode 1719B -- Pictured: Hello Sunday -- (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

Credit: NBC

Credit: NBC

The friends just missed the finals

Originally posted Tuesday, December 17, 2019 by RODNEY HO/ on his AJC Radio & TV Talk blog

Hello Sunday - 14 year olds Myla Finks and Chelsea Glover

- charmed “The Voice” season 17 audience with their sweet chemistry both on and off the stage making it to the semifinals before getting eliminated last week.

Though the R&B singers missed the finals, the friends were able to perform “Keep Me Hangin’ On” Tuesday night during the show finale.

Last last week, I spoke to them about their experience on the show. Here are some highlights.

How they met: As 12 year olds at Marietta's AGI Performing Arts School & Entertainment summer camp where a creative director paired them together. It wasn't an immediate fit since each was used to singing solo. Chelsea: "There wasn't an immediate connection. It was a little awkward at first."

Myla: "We eventually grew comfortable with each other." (The camp co-creator Natarsha Garcia is their manager.)

How they got on the show: "The Voice" producers saw them on Instagram and asked them to try out. Myla: "We were flattered. We didn't know they wanted singers as young as we were on the show."


Chelsea: "We didn't think we'd make it this far. Once we made it pass the first audition, we decided we'd try to go as far as we could."

Coach Kelly Clarkson

Myla: "It was a dream come true. She's just an amazing person, an amazing coach. She just makes you feel comfortable in awkward situations. She made the whole environment homey."

Chelsea: "he was great helping us pick song. She wanted us to not only do harmonies but showcase our individual voices and tones."

Favorite performances

Myla: "Stone Cold. I felt like that song, me and Chelsea were able to show a completely different side of us and show our soft and sad side."

Chelsea: "Don't You Worry 'Bout a Thing" is one of my favorite songs.

Plans after “The Voice”

Chelsea: "We first want to go back to our families and enjoy the holidays, In 2020, we want to jump in and record stuff, do videos, collaborate with other artists."

Myla: "We're in agreement on that."

Chelsea: "We want to make our own original music and see what the audience, what our generation likes."


Chelsea: "I wouldn't mind learning how to play the guitar and get back to piano."

Myla: "I think I just want to focus on singing and writing."

How they feel they can improve

Myla: "I think that I'm okay in all areas. I just want to get better in everything: singing, range, tone."

Chelsea: "I want to improve my range. I've started to realize I can hit higher notes. I need to work on my higher realm in my voice and experience different tone areas."

Expanding musical horizons

Myla: "We've both gotten into country music after hearing [finalist] Jake Hood and other amazing singers. It's hard not to jump around. It sounds so good!"

Chelsea: "Country reminds me of R&B and pop - just with a twang."


Chelsea: "People mix us up all the time."

Myla: "Chelsea will do two puffs. I'll do one or braids or something like that."

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