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680/The Fan extends contract for John Kincade, following other major air talent

680/The Fan, like Frank Wren of the Braves, is tying up its talent for the long haul.

In recent months, the sports talk station has signed extensions or new contracts with most of its biggest stars including Christopher  Rude, Matt Chernoff, Sandra Golden, Buck Belue, Steak Shapiro, Chris Dimino and late last week, John Kincade.

Kincade, the longest-running host there paired with Belue going back to 2000, said he is grateful to the station for the contract extension. He has done more than 3,200 shows so far on the station and said he should pass 4,000 with the latest contract, which presumable goes at least three years. He also appreciates the fact the station also supports his side gig on weekends at CBS Sports Sundays from 6 to 9 a.m.. (He had previously done a solo show on ESPN.)

"Proud of John," Belue wrote in a text. "Works hard. Laser focus. Determined. It's been a great run! He's been a good partner." Then he added, "It's not easy for big city NE guy down south." (Yes, Kincade still professes love for his Philly teams.)

Buck and Kincade  are on weekdays now from noon to 3 p.m. (680/The Fan is also heard on the FM dial at 93.7.)

The Fan's boss David Dickey has been building his line up over the past five years and now feels it's as close to complete as it's ever been.

The Fan remains the most popular sports talk though 92.9/The Game is gamely trying to get into the game on a much stronger signal - but far less stable and experienced line up.

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