Worker at Georgia governor’s mansion tests positive for coronavirus

A worker at the Georgia Governor’s Mansion recently tested positive for the disease caused by coronavirus, Gov. Brian Kemp’s office said Sunday, triggering a round of testing and self-quarantining for anyone who had contact with the staffer.

The governor and his family were not exposed, his aides said.

The worker, who last reported to the Buckhead mansion’s grounds on April 3, did not enter the house and had no contact with Kemp or his family or the staff that works in the building, his administration said.

All of the people who traveled to work with the unnamed staffer were also screened for the disease, and each tested negative.

“The premises are routinely disinfected and we have suspended the use of work crews at the mansion to mitigate risk,” said Cody Hall, a spokesman for the governor.

The coronavirus pandemic has killed hundreds of Georgians and sickened thousands more.

After initially resisting drastic measures, Kemp has instituted a shelter-in-place order and an escalating series of restrictions. He’s also pleaded with churchgoers to avoid in-person Easter Sunday services, though he’s stopped short of banning them.

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