Why Newt Gingrich has emerged as a contender for Donald Trump's running mate

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich emerged as one of Donald Trump's most forceful advocates long before he became the presumptive GOP nominee, defending the billionaire as a fellow political revolutionary willing to upend the status quo while other elder statesmen flocked to other candidates.

And as Trump locked up the GOP nomination last week, Gingrich has repeatedly said he'd be honored to be considered for the veep spot. With Trump saying he's likely to tap a sidekick with political experience for the job, the ex-Georgian has landed on a string of lists from pundits and pollsters as a potential candidate for the gig.

Gingrich's allies contend he can help Trump bridge the divide with a distrustful Washington establishment still smarting over his insurgent throw-the-bums-out campaign. But he carries baggage, too. Just as important, it may be difficult for the headstrong politician to be relegated to the No. 2 spot.