A week before the vote, the knives sharpen in Georgia gov race


Republicans Hunter Hill and Clay Tippins were slammed with hit-pieces and shadowy web attacks a week before the primary vote. And though it’s unclear who was behind them, both candidates for governor blamed Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle’s supporters.

Hill, a former state senator, was a targeted with a two-pronged attack ahead of the May 22 vote: A mailer labeling him a "convenient conservative" that claims he's switched views on abortion, gun rights and President Donald Trump. And a website asserting "he'll say anything to get elected."

Tippins, a business executive, is depicted as a "con man" who has "no business being governor" in a web takedown. The site also criticizes his role as the head of a U.S. division of a European technology and outsourcing firm.

Each of the attacks don’t offer information about who is responsible for the content. But the Hill mailer includes a return address matching the same building housing Cagle’s campaign office. That could just be a misdirection, too.

Either way, Hill and Tippins have struck back in Cagle’s direction, blaming a pro-Cagle outside group called Citizens for Georgia’s Future for the assault.

The organization has already spent more than $1 million on ads boosting Cagle and had earlier hinted that it would start spending money to shape the race for the second spot in a likely July runoff.

Hill spokesman Cody Hall said “no amount of mudslinging from Cagle’s swamp creatures can cover up his failed record and weak leadership.” And a Tippins ally filed an ethics complaint against the group, claiming it violated state rules by directly advocating for the defeat of a candidate.

A spokesman for the group said it was not responsible for the attacks.

“We haven’t attacked anybody - yet,” said Dan McLagan. “This is a bunch of guys who have lousy records and worse campaigns who are about to get creamed pointing fingers at everybody but themselves. They look silly.”

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