Trump tries to sell Georgia tea party leader on health care plan

President Donald Trump met with a Georgia tea party leader and other conservative groups upset with the House GOP's healthcare plan, struggling to quell growing backlash from the right over the measure.

Tea Party Patriots co-founder Jenny Beth Martin said she was encouraged that Trump heard her concerns about the healthcare plan, but said she left without any promises of changes that would ease her concerns.

“The meeting went as I expected it to go,” she said of the late Wednesday meeting. “He’s a good negotiator and I thought based on that he would be listening to our concerns. I didn’t expect we would have any firm commitments, and that’s precisely what happened.”

Conservative critics are fuming about the plan’s reliance on tax credits to help people afford insurance, which they see as a publicly funded subsidy and have dubbed “Obamacare Lite.” And Martin said tea party groups are planning a full-court press Wednesday to pressure lawmakers to fully repeal the law.

“I am hopeful that the House and Senate Republican leadership realized the voters who voted to give them a majority want Obamacare repealed fully,” she said. “And I hope they listen to the voters that put them in their positions today.”