Tip sheet: Religious liberty and Christmas trees

Number of working days left until the end of the 2015 session: Six.

Both chambers will convene at 10 a.m. The Senate will vote on an amended HB 1, which would allow limited use of medical marijuana to treat several conditions, including cancer, seizures and sickle cell disease. The sponsor of the bill has expressed support for the compromise, so final passage might be within sight.

The House will take up a number of lower profile bills and resolutions, including SB 2, which would allow high school students to also attend technical colleges and have coursework count toward high school graduation. The bill is a priority for Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle.

SB 72 is also on the floor. It's Sen. Jeff Mullis' bill to protect police dogs and horses. The bill has been amended to become something of a law-enforcement "Christmas tree." Sounds Charlie Brownish, right? The AJC's James Salzer explains:

SB 72 now includes the substance of a bill strengthening the state’s incest statutes, and another that broadens the statute outlawing harassing telephone calls to include email, text and other modern means of communication.

Budget conferees hold their first public meeting at 1 p.m., but don’t expect big news. The real work of the committee almost always happens behind closed doors.

The drama of the day will come in a special Judiciary subcommittee that meets at 2 p.m. in Room 132 of the Capitol. There, the "religious liberty" bill, SB 129, will get its first, and possibly last, hearing from House members.

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