The video: What Bryant Wright said about 'erotic liberty' vs. 'religious liberty'

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We got a Democratic call on Thursday about a vast conspiracy in the Republican-controlled House, which posts an online video of each day's proceedings for public consumption.

Monday’s video was there, the caller said, and so was Tuesday’s. And the one from that Thursday morning. But Wednesday was missing. That happens to have been the day that the Rev. Bryant Wright, pastor of Johnson Ferry Baptist church and a former president of the Southern Baptist Convention, gave the daily invocation.

In the process, Wright equated gay marriage to “erotic liberty” in a battle with “religious liberty." More than once.

Democrats suspected a hidden hand to make the controversial remarks disappear. But a House spokesman attributed the missing video to a "technical snafu" connected to the fact that Georgia Public Broadcasting, later that day, broadcast Gov. Nathan Deal's state-of-the-state address. We found the video lodged at

Above is Wright’s sermon, in its entirety, from Wednesday. At the end, before the microphones are shut off, you should be able to hear two male voices saying this:

"The man went right at it today."

"Sure did, didn’t he?"