The Georgia GOP takes aim at Jim Barksdale's 'pacifist tone'

In normal election years, July 5 is considered a proper starting date for the general election. That may not be the case in Georgia's race for the U.S. Senate. The Georgia GOP on Thursday moved this attack on Jim Barksdale, the Democratic rival to Republican incumbent Johnny Isakson:

U.S. Senator Johnny Isakson . Hyosub Shin,

 Following the Orlando terrorist attack, Georgia voters got a taste of Barksdale's radical ideology when he told a room of Hall County Democrats that America should "step back from the violence" because "we are the ones that are in the wrong."

 Barksdale's pacifist tone isn't surprising.  He actually left the Republican Party when the United States invaded Iraq but made millions by making the "obvious" decision to invest his client's money in companies that earned defense contracts in the occupied country.

The reply from Barksdale that arrived this morning is somewhat Trumpish – Bernie-ish? – in tone. And, closing the loop with the first item above, notice that the Barksdale campaign has apparently settled on trade as a hot topic:

But Isakson didn't stop there.

Isakson's support for bad foreign trade deals, tax breaks allowing corporations to outsource our jobs, and votes to deregulate Wall Street has hurt our economy. His bad policies and eight votes to increase the debt ceiling has helped drive up the national debt to over $18 trillion, threatening our nation with a more economic decline.

Jim Barksdale believes ISIS terrorists are our enemy and should be dealt with accordingly.

Jim also believes if our nation grows any weaker economically thanks to more of Isakson's destabilizing decisions, we'll have a lot more enemies and it will be a lot harder to fight them.