Someone tell the president that’s not the name of Atlanta's airport

President Barack Obama is returning to Atlanta Tuesday to speak at a national drug conference after landing at Atlanta's bustling airport. Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, that is.

Yet the decade-old name change – which has prompted much controversy in Atlanta – still has eluded many outside of our city. Including the White House, apparently.

The president's official schedule, published on the White House's blog, twice calls the bustling airport by its former name. From the blog:

Later in the afternoon, the President departs Atlanta en route Washington, DC.  The departure from Hartsfield International Airport is open to pre-credentialed media, and the in-town travel pool will accompany to the White House.

To be certain, he's not the only one struggling with the airport's name. The Atlanta City Council even proffered a resolution wondering why so many people were omitting the word "Jackson" from the name.

ExploreFrom a February 2015 story by our AJC colleague Kelly Yamanouchi:

Now this week, a resolution introduced in Atlanta city council demands to know why some people are still omitting the "Jackson" part of the name, citing a column by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution's Bill Torpy, and asks the airport manager to develop an action plan about the "name usage problem."

And, we should note, Hartsfield recently had its own cringe-inducing spelling slip-up.